1. I am from Trenton NJ.
    The Birthplace of Freedom.
    Because of the Battle of Trenton.
    Trenton NJ USA.
    Trenton NJ is the place I call Home.
    George Washington would be disgusted with NJ politics. He would invade Trenton NJ again if he was still alive ☺️

  2. I am an Over the Road Trucker.
    I'm at the Petro Truck Stop in Perrysburg Ohio. I'll be here until Sunday morning. They have a fitness room here. I can workout tomorrow. They have showers. I can wash my Ass. They have food and BEER 🍺🍻

  3. Take your graphite vaccine and shove it ! Both fauci and his wife that works for the government entity that approves vaccines and are evil as the day is long. Fauci has been evil since the start of aids ohhhh you didnt know he was involved with that too.

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