#SHEDWARS21: GARDENING 🍁 2019 Leaf Mould Reveal 🍁 Solar Powered Trommel Using A Disability Scooter

shedwars21 #shedwars #TeamWillItGrow This is one of my favourite times of the year, getting the lovely leaf mould which inspires me to collect as many leaves …


  1. I’m off down my plot tomorrow again after a heavy weekend of gigging so will sort the compost you gave me. I’ve got a supply of leaf mold again from the gardeners/refuse collectors up the waterfront at merry hill. They bag it up for me as long as I take it way by the end of the day so I’m making another bay ready for it, they even try to take out any rubbish for me. seriously thinking of making my own trommel cheers 🍻

  2. Hi Terry, I remember some while ago you mentioned that retirement wasnt to far into the future, Hope youve made contingency plans for tip offs when your ex workmates come across all the free finds that you put to such good use. keep making your great videos l look foward to every one

  3. Absolutely brilliant Terry! It works great!! Even upgraded to solar! Unreal! Some jib chief! And your end product… Well… beautiful compost! love it! Its just incredible.. up cycling, composting, inventing it blows my mind chief! Loving your soul mixes and the thoughts behind them… If you get the strawberries in it will so satisfying i can imagine.. What a year my friend.. Your on fire! Your solar powered trommel is a huge success! Thank you for sharing with us. I have learned so much from you Terry il always be indebted to ya.
    Thank you so much for the shout out! I was blushing ☺️ an honour for me chief. Very grateful too. Iv never had so many people subscribe! We all trust and love you! Will try to not let your friends down. Thank you so much Terry! Have a wonderful day, you have made mine! Again!😁🌱💚🙏✨♻️👑

  4. Had an idea on your leaf storage bay. If you want it to rot down quicker why not put a few layers of metal grid. Say two separating sections, the top one could be your 50mm square that you use for your peas. Anything that passes though that drops on to a smaller size grid. That way you not only sift it you also introduce air which will make the leaf rot down quicker. From time to time you can take the large sticks off the top pile as they won't reach the bottom. I'm sure then almost all the bottom stuff will go though the tremmel – which is magical I must say.

  5. It's no wonder your garden does so well when we see hard work and dedication like that! You fully deserve every bitefull you take off the garden.
    Best Wishes, Brendan.

  6. Just ingenious ideas for reusing so much material truly inspiring Terry we are going to try to make a hand cranked trommel! And are totally going to start getting serious about composting! ✌💜happiness!

  7. Hi Terry, the trommel works great, I think leaf mould is so overlooked, personally I think it’s well worth the effort, as your doing it’s best mixed with other types of compost,don’t think I will ever be able to collect as much as you though 😁, have a great week, take good care kind regards
    alan…………..THE DAWN CHORUS PLOT 🌿

  8. The trommel certainly saves your back turning it over. In hindsight maybe would been better sieving during that hot spell we had to allow it to dry quicker? Like most thing in life, never enough hours in the day 😀👍
    🌻Nigel………….MuddyBootz Allotment🌻🌻

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