Mexican Cartels Switched To AVOCADOS When Pot Became Legal In The US

Tim, Ian, and Lydia host Ed Calderon, non-permissive environment specialist and former Mexican enforcement officer, to consider how cartels adapted to the …


  1. I’m curious to see what his viewpoint is on how to “fix” Mexico. Obviously whatever action is taken it would take decades. But the reason I’m curious is because as a Mexican national who lives in Texas I feel for my used to be countrymen who genuinely want to have Mexico flourish but from my perspective, although very limited, the only answer that pops out to me is a full blown revolution of the common man in Mexico.

  2. lol fucking what. oh man i can see it now. vegans going to the black market to buy avacados for their toast lol. man i feel like america is just the world bank. we loan people money and we never get it back and instead of beating em up for the money back we just let them not pay us back.

  3. There was a program run by ATF’s Phoenix Field Division called Operation Wide Receiver that started during the Bush administration, but Operation Fast and Furious was a specific effort launched after Obama took office in 2009. – FACT CHECK

  4. They don’t have “fully submersibles” (it’s interesting that he says “fully”) they have boats that ride so low in the water only the very very very top peeks out of the water in order to be very hard to spot from far away and which are completely enclosed with a hatch. If they were fully submersible they'd only be able to ride at one depth and cut weights from the side to surface which they could only do once, which is very very very dangerous. (its easy to lose control of an underwater submarine if you dont have underwater controls like being able to flood and purge ballast tanks, including balancing this front and rear to keep the sub from just tilting up or down on its nose or tail and plunging to the bottom like a pencil)

    But they don’t have buoyancy control. They can’t “dive” and “surface” like a real submarine. It’s effectively a tube with a propeller they add weight to until it’s barely floating.

  5. For the most part there is no market that they have hands in. Political, agriculture, manufacturing, black market pharmaceuticals, food and beverage. Oil, the list really goes on. There never was a switch as more states legalize pot. The big players now are really more like narco paramilitary forces that inflict terror.

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