Lakers Mailbag! THT's growth, Anthony Davis' shooting, Westbrook breaking Magic's record & more!

After noting an absolutely crazy Laker/NBA anniversary reinforcing just how compressed the last two seasons have been… it’s time to open up the mailbag, folks!


  1. Westbrook's assist numbers are gonna be rediculous this year. As for THT, if he can manage to shoot 33-35% from 3 (just enough to keep defenses honest), he will be very very good.

  2. Lakers GM tried to take shortcuts in Free Agency and it bit him in the butt. An extra SCORE 1ST MENTALITY point guard with at least 5 years previous NBA experience should have been signed to neutralize the Dennis Schroder refusing to be a 2nd Unit player narrative. With Alex Caruso and the 20-year old that was stuck in the G-League for the entire 2019-20 Regular season, Dennis is absolutely right. Caruso and THT should not be on the 1st Unit ahead of himself. That extra points with at least 5 years previous NBA experience could have been the Captain of the 2nd Unit as a double-digit scorer.

  3. We shoot one hundred free throws I make 39 and your make 4 less. Spread that over 82 games. not a big difference. One off night. The next hundred might be reversed. you get for back rims and mine go in.

  4. AD is fragile physically and he doesn’t play with fire. It seems like he needs Lebron to pull him along to get his mind right. It’s like a part-time job for LBJ. I absolutely agree AD very likely was excited to get out of New Orleans. He’s a great player, though he seems to lose concentration throughout the games and seasons. It was the same AD in New Orleans. This is a prove it season for THT.

  5. When it comes to the Lakers fanbase of course the hypocrisy is going to set in. Tried to defend the Lakers atrocious 3-point shooting in the NBA Playoffs against the Phoenix Suns by saying the Milwaukee Bucks won their NBA Championship despite poor 3-point shooting, then say slasher-style guard THT needs to become a better 3-point shooter. That’s 100% false, Frank Vogel is the same guy who buried high volume shooter Ben McLemore for 5 point scoring Alex Caruso. Talen Horton-Tucker needs to be a more polished perimeter defender to separate himself from Nunn & Monk.


  7. There is no guarantee that Russell Westbrook will exceed Magic Johnson's single season triple double record of 18 games. I say this because Russell Westbrook's numbers will not be what they have been when he's been the main or only Superstar on his team. Remember, he's got LeBron James and Anthony Davis on his side and those players are going to get their numbers as well. I can guarantee you that Russell Westbrook will not be averaging a triple-double this year with the Lakers.

  8. What if AD and Russ are the go to scoring threats and LeBron slips into a super playmaker role?
    I mean he is the oldest star by far and deciding to take a lesser scoring load and be carried by the younger legs could be beneficial for him and the team long term. Thoughts?

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