Healing from toxins & detoxing with zeolite (interview with Eddie Stone)

This week’s vlog has two parts, so please take some time to get familiar with what’s happening this week so you don’t miss a thing!! #1 – In this interview with …


  1. I use alternative medicine at every opportunity, rather than Western Medicines' poisons. That said, please realize that zeolite has a chemical composition that is similar to asbestos, that can cause Mesothelioma. See WebMD for reference. I do use bentonite (which has it's own risks) for the same purpose, of pulling toxins from my system. Use common sense and research ALL things before putting them into your body.

  2. I have purchased this but then read this on Dr Weil's site which put me off: "Zeolites are sold as dietary supplements and are aggressively promoted on the internet as a means of removing heavy metals and toxins from the body as well as for cancer treatment. Claims that zeolite can help the body fight cancer (supposedly by removing cancer-causing substances in the stomach) have not been substantiated in human studies.

    A few lab studies have suggested that zeolites might increase levels of proteins known to suppress tumor growth, and in animal studies, micronized zeolite has been shown to reduce the spread of cancer and increase the effect of the chemotherapy drug doxorubicin, but there’s no evidence that it prolongs survival in animals with cancer."

  3. Hey Irene thank you for what you've shared and the offer to try this out so cheap. I've purchased it myself and I'm looking forward to it but I want to ask about the fact that you have to sign up to a subscription for the offer. I understand you can cancel straight away but in the past when my trauma was really unregulated I would be very fatigued and have extreme brain fog and would normally procrastinate, dissociate about cancelling these type of deals and then fall into being charged for subscribing which is how this type of marketing tool works right. I feel like the audience that you have, it may create this kind of dynamic for others too. It seems kind of fishy to offer a deal when he's saying he has such a high level of confidence in his product but you have to subscribe to receive that deal. Wouldn't it be better to offer the deal and if your that confidant in the product to allow people to sign up themselves when they realise the benefits for themselves. It kind of seems hypocritical if that makes sense and creates a little untrustworthyness too.

  4. Why is there no information provided on the safety of taking zeolite? Are there any studies you can share that prove the health benefits of zeolite? (beyond Irene's personal experience of appearing better, or her friend recommending it after also taking it and appearing better)

  5. I've just ordered the zeolite spray. Thank you for the discount Mr. Stone. I just went on the Touchstone website to look at other products and I was interested in the green drink. I did a chat asking if the spinach and kale were processed raw or cooked. I was told raw. I worked in one of the first health foods stores in the country in the early 70's. I learned that raw spinach has high amounts of oxalate acid, which leeches calcium from the bones. If cooked it OA is not present. The actor Liam Hemsworth had to have a kidney operation because he was having a lot of green drinks a day with raw greens. It just seems astonishing that this is not common knowledge.

  6. I usually use a zeolite that’s in clay form still – sad to see that this offer doesn’t ship to my country of residence (United Arab Emirates / Dubai)… I have had those dark circles for a very very long time, since I was a small child. Would love to try this product someday. Thank you for the information, thoroughly enjoyed this talk. I have done an article on my blog about how to eliminate environmental toxins as much as possible (where we do have the choice), going into all the little details that we don’t usually think of.

  7. Zeolite is a mineral molecule that consist of Aluminium and Silicon.
    Non organic Aluminium and Silicon.
    It is rock material that is chemically very reactive.
    Aluminium and silicon is poisonous.
    Please don't eat to much rocks.

  8. Thank you so much for sharing. I have so much trust in you and did not hesitate to buy. And it has come at a good time given I am dealing with fatigue and struggling with sleep.

  9. This topic was very informative and eye opening. I know I've been exposed to micro environmental toxins working near the World Trade Center site daily for the past 19 years, and God knows what else I'vebeenexposed to. I'm going to give this a try and see how it goes. Hopefuly it'll help with some issues I have and I'll definitely report back with results. Thank you both for sharing this information and the promotional price. Your first hand testimony was very helpful and gave me the comfort level to give this a try.

  10. Hi, I've used zeolite before, I have M.E/ fibro diagnosis but I've noticed it definitely improves some symptoms for a while such as brain fog and a general better well being. I just don't take it regularly enough as I do worry perhaps it could be bad for you somehow using long term. I will watch this interview eagerly. Thank you so much for your time both of you.

  11. This was very nice to hear. And I belive that we all live in toxin enviroment. But there is no shipping to Serbia. Sorry Irene. I wanted to try this product because I know how much you hesitate to say something about any suplements, and you did for this one. Thank you for offering this one

  12. So I apologise if you’ve covered this after the 43 minute mark (will continue watching later) but for someone like myself and many many others with a totally disregulated nervous system and very little ability to cope with stressors. How would a detox of this nature affect me? I have detoxed from certain foods before and have had to quit because my system just did not have the capacity to deal with the withdrawals. Surly toxin detox is quite intense. Should we not be carful?

  13. My functional medicine doctor recommended zeolite from another company a couple years ago. I was skeptical and the price made me nervous but someone I know recently out of nowhere said she was using it and now this video with such a generous offer. Had to take it as a sign to give it a go:)

  14. I'm trying to order it now, but good golly, why the long ordeal? I want to try it before I sign up for a monthly subscription. I'm not signing up for something I've not tried. Why the hassle? Is this a way to get better, or a way for you to get me into your system? I just want to try the damned spray. Okay?

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  16. Bentonite and Diatomaceous Earth has been used for centuries, 1,000s of years, to treat illnesses and to cleanse wounds. People think this stuff is new. It's Western Medicine that's new, and it's poison. If we look to Nature, then we will begin to heal inside and out, mentally and physically. Get away from today's meds.

  17. Zeolite is magical, I used it regularly for a year and it helped a lot. But, it’s a good plaster when it comes to detoxifying the body. First thing is dealing with parasites that cause overload of toxins, eliminating plastic then liver and kidney cleanses to help body filtrate on it’s own and prepare for the real deal. Then iodine, as outlined by great real doctors that actually cure their patients

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