1. I love my dreamwood glow. The craftsmanship is on another level and I agree the wood stem needs cooling. They work amazing with the cooling stems he makes, they are some of the better glass nippled stems in the space as well. They have a special taste and signature compared to other 510 mods that I really enjoy. Let’s not forget one of the better parts of the glow, when the coils are installed correctly there is no need to stir or spin your stem. The most even 510 flower heater I feel.

  2. Nice to see the Dreamwoods here! I love mine, got it a little over a month ago and it's been my preferred daily driver so far. The wood is definitely gorgeous, very well made too.

    Edit: it does get hot at certain wattages, but I mostly use it through glass stems or even through a bong, works even better. What I like the most is probably the on demand instant heating and how all the parts can be replaced/rebuilt without having to buy a whole new vaporizer

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