In this episode I go over how to calculate DLI and the importance of running it. Learning how to dial in each specific strains needs is a sure way to increase …


  1. Hey, do you have any interest to test excellent led grow light for the indoor plant? I believe it would help your growing also you can compare the difference. If interested, pls let me know.

  2. Hey. You grow with autopot! I know it because you said that in the grandmasters liveStream. Do you use clay pebbles in the bottom of the pot? How high? And do you use the Airdome? Bye sorry for my english. Nice Video's bro

  3. I know you're busy bro but I'm really missing these videos I was really hoping this would be a Consistent Weekly or bi-weekly how even monthly Constant thing Anyway hope everything's going well with you in the family as always brother Much love from across the pond here and Canada Can't thank you enough for all the Experience and things you have taught me about coco over this past year

  4. Bro if you got the time can you check this video out and tell me if this light is too strong in a tent? The plants went from lush to lemon.
    I don’t really understand that DLI. I have bought a par meter but something is not right. I won’t keep bothering you bc I know your busy but I can never catch you on the GML show bc you guys are always deep in conversation about another subject.

  5. Hey brother it would be awesome if you could maybe talk about what it takes to set up a room to run vpd. I mean I am sure a mini split is a good place to start. Or is possible to have vpd with a intake and out take?

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