Aurora Cannabis EPIC Move Into USA! iAnthus Optimism, RavenQuest Review

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  2. Lol why do people still watch this guy. Obviously just pumps acb for his own bags. Aurora has one of the worst balance sheets out of the big LPs with insider selling… so many better options

  3. I’m taking a wild guess that all of these negative comments are coming from those who overpaid for the stock. Did any of you continue to average down to put yourself in a better position?

  4. I'm sorry to disagree, but I think ACB is the weakest of the big LPs on a fundamental basis. Too much debt and too little cash. They have more good will on their books than their entire market cap. Eventually that's going to have to be written down and it won't be pretty. They overpaid for their acquisitions. You're just buying hype at this point and hype is very expensive down here at the bottom of the speculation bubble.

    Out of the big names, I think Aphria poised to the be the strongest LP of the future. CGC will do well if beverages take off… otherwise no thanks. Cron is basically just a bank at this point, sitting on their money. I'd rather invest in MO and collect a dividend as I wait.

    Nice video though, I enjoyed it. There are some seriously undervalued MJ companies out there at the moment, you just have to find them. Keep up the reviews.

  5. Charlotte web will be leader in CBD/Hemp… It will be all about branding, which CWEB is number one. Like the move for ACB but for pure CBD/HEMP CWEB is my long pick. There products are great! ACB needs to focus on medical!

  6. Thank you for RQB! I hoped you would share your thoughts on the orbital gardens lawsuit and the management change in the short and long term, as well.

  7. im new in the stockmarket, but this with ACB is easy in my brain.

    Its like: would you buy a tobacco stock at this price when it was booming? yes

    same here, its just a matter of time before they earn good cash, and when thats reality, then its too late to buy the stock.

    i got 33% of my portfolio in ACB (started this month)
    6,5% in Medmen Enterprises Inc, you should look them up, rose 25% yesterday.

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