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  1. 3 – meh I only clicked because at the time there were 33 views. I am very drawn to that number and usually if I click on a video that contains that number somewhere it resonates. I mean I knew a person like this at one point, but I disconnected a while ago. He was full of secrets and lies, I found out about the child and baby mother after we parted. We barely dated and he was irritating af lol so I don't really care what he's up to. I've caught him watching me, in person, on many occasions over the years, it's creepy. He was super toxic and stubborn in the past so good luck to however has to deal with that. I guess my guides wanted me to know this but it doesn't make a difference to me. I've been enjoying my life by manifesting what's best for me and he ain't it.

  2. Jenna! 2 was hella personal! Isn’t it magical HEHE I’m having a hard time believing a love like this is real , it’s so raw and YES he won’t shut up about me to his friends and family! Our meeting was so divinely orchestrated, we met in rehab 😳 and since meeting me he told me he doesn’t even think about having alcohol. We definitely saved eachother, I’ve never been so sure of someone. My last relationship was abusive and left me with trust issues that just melted away since meeting my person. He tells me all the time he can’t even look at another woman, and in his last 2 year relationship he never said I love you once. With me, he blurted it out after the 3rd day HAHA. It’s so unreal but it feels like we’re picking up where we left off from our past lives. He’s honestly the yin to my yang. We’re long distance rn because I live hours away but it allows me to work on myself and my purpose 🥰 Just wanted to let you know how much your message resonated and I haaated love readings but love them now 🤦🏼‍♂️, I wish you lived in Australia, we’d so be besties!!

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