Why Beginners Should Also Grow Photoperiods

In this video I talk about the reasons of growing cannabis photoperiods for beginners or first time growers. I think autoflower vs Photoperiod is nonsense and it …


  1. I really want to try growing photoperiods. I live in Malaga Spain so it’s the perfect climate, but I’m worried I might mess it up. Thanks for the tips! Will photoperiods have higher yields?

  2. Auto flowers are 100% better for outdoor grows in the UK, we just don’t get enough sun in autumn and the hours of light are way too much to flower it in summer, I’ve heard of people putting plants in the shed or putting tarps over them but it’s just not practical, too easy to get bud rot as well if you are waiting on less hours of light, auto flowers are perfect for stealthy UK greenhouse grows

  3. Good video!
    They serve a different purpose 👌
    I live in Maine where it's now legal..
    I grow 6 autoflowers which finishes before my 6 photos start preflower…
    I use 2 greenhouses that I built myself.

  4. This might be little late but as a youtube channel I look at it this way. You are a referee in the middle of a ball game. No matter what 1 side yes 2nd side no just like a sports event. A

  5. Blessed brother from South Africa brother. I grow my first time this year and start with autoflower and I'm growing potoperiod to but its good for me to grow potoperiod yaman Raspect

  6. I am starting on photo periods of seeds ive collected throughout the years right now as 5 plants are now "legal" to grow, i have 5 autoflower femenised white widow max seeds that i am saving for after i learn a little more from hand on experience as i have watched thousands of vids, had one plants die so far but my other 2 are looking great ive used regular soil some mushroom compost , and dry amendments for nutes on one plant and my other plant ive use a little bit of mushroom compost and regular soil . I do 15/9 so far. Gonna wait till my plant is atleast my waist height before i 12/12 if its female as i dont have too big of a tent.

  7. I find it irritating that some people assume that if you are for x, you must also be against y. Gee whiz! People have different reasons for different things. We aren't all a product of cookie cutters. Good that you made a vid explaining that the two kinds are both ok, just different, and we have to decide what's best for us. I'm learning growing as well and your vids helped me decide to start learning on autos. I just harvested my first one. So proud! Thanks for your vids.

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