Solving the mystery of chronic fatigue syndrome

For decades, no one has known what causes myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME, commonly called ME/CFS). As a result, this debilitating disease has been very …


  1. Listen, I have been dealing with this for years now, and you can either cry and feel sorry for yourself, or you can fight the exhaustion and work in bursts. I was told for years I was a lazy p.o.s. and I tried I would work til I gave out, then I would have to sit down and take crap from other people. I have been up and down in my weight since my mid 20s from 250 to 350 to 230 to 270 to 350 to 379 my heaviest back down to 230 now back up to 350 and it has nothing to do with my eating habits. It has to do with me struggling to do anything physical. I'm 39 and still struggle everyday. But I dont sit at home and get upset. I do what I can when I can, and sometimes I have to force myself, but i have it better than other people. I couldnt stomach watching some chick cry because she is exhausted, blah blah blah, poor me, I missed a chunk of my youth. Cry me a river. Focus on now and do what you can so you dont end up regretting the time you have left. People are too soft now days. Its ridiculous.

  2. I just got the diagnosis in CFS. I just told it only two people, one really behaves like that it is nothing and maybe I should change your lifestyle. My previous supervisor, who is like my father, suggest me changing my diet. Reactions are not that bright at all. I am super scared and I don't know how to handle it!

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  5. I was just six years into my career of passion, acting, after 12 years of practising law. And then I got sick. I struggled hand to mouth to continue to work. I lasted 12 years. Total disability now last five years. I'm just so sad.

  6. Rawsomehealthy say that fruit diet only cures Syndrom Chronique Fatigue….Is Someone here who has cured on frutarian diet,fasting only fruit?

  7. I got CFS after a virus that nearly killed me when I was 28. Will be 50 this year. Don't have anything to add outside of everything that has already been said. Preaching to the choir. Have tried everything I've heard of so far. My diet is as good as it gets.

  8. Ten days into eating whole food plant based diet of vegetables, fruit, whole wheat and beans. Eating some eggs, butter, mayo, olive oil and coconut oil. Had small amount of meat only twice. Limited myself to low to no processed food, low sugar, low sodium, low carbs, low omega 6, low meat. Drinking water only, purified atm. Been taking pico ionic magnesium and using transdermal magnesium oil several times a day. Fasting overnight at least 12 hours.

    Worst of my inflammatory muscle pain subsided within six days. Brain fog and fatigue lifted. Sleeping better and waking up rested. Able to function at higher level and not have to lie down during the day. Muscles less stiff and sore and achiness is gone. Magnesium helps the body to detox so it can cause some kidney discomfort and cause irritability at first as the processes that utilize the magnesium wake up. Magnesium helps to relax the tense tight muscles and helps to relax and fall asleep. Less headaches and less insomnia. My body always felt wired, now it feels more calm.

    CFS and fibro have robbed 9 years of my life. I had to stop working because my body could no longer handle it. I hope that this protocol will continue to help me get better. Maybe this will help someone else, too. I looked into the gut microbiome connection to inflammation and think there is something to that. Also, many of the symptoms of magnesium deficiency are the same as the symptoms of those who suffer from CFS and fibro.

  9. How are you doing Shannon? I have CFS and understand what you are going through. I can tell you that I have limitations but I am much better than I was when it 1st started. Cycling really helps me a lot and it seems to give me a boost at least for a day. I hope you are feeling better, don't give up hope. Try to do things that make you happy and exercise in gradual increments, also consider less medications because some meds make your body worse instead of better…these are just some ideas for you to consider…I hope you are better

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