WitcherCon – 1st Stream

Let the #WitcherCon begin! From Deck of Destiny to Tales of the White Wolf, together with @WitcherNetflix we have prepared for you an exciting line-up of …


  1. Фестиваль похвалы самих себя, какой же чудесный сериал, так дополнил книги и игры, а какие они великолепные актеры – НЕТ

  2. Henry got to play The Witcher 3 in his RTX 3090, and he even acknowledges the GPU shortages that people are experiencing…
    This guy really knows his stuff about gaming!

  3. An New Witcher game where it set in The Past, Way Before Geralt is Born, when there was more Monsters and More Witchers Fighting them in The World, where we Could Create our own Witcher, choose which School, and Which Weapons to use, and be more OPEN World, around all The North, and maybe Have some optional Online Experience, almost like a MMO, but make that optional, similar to Dark Souls/Elden Ring, or even Fable, Monster Hunter, etc

    That would be Awesome

  4. Пиздец ,на месте где должны сидеть те люди которые топили за ведьмака работали над собой и годами улучшали и расширяли для нас любимую вселенную сидят какие то пиздюки которых ни кто не знает( Ах да,ведь практически всех кто делал ведьмака в привычном и любимом нами виде уволили корпараты)

  5. why does the writer talk as if the characters and stories are all her creation – no respect for the original authors of the books and the video games

  6. "except for they've never met … they're not a family yet, how do they grow to be one?"

    I have a crazy idea – how about you don't mutilate and cut out one of the most important part of the character building and bonding, where Ciri ran off into Brokilon forest and Geralt risked his life to find and save her? You literally removed a part of the story where they meet each other and bond, soley to free up some screentime for the nonsensical "strog woman" plotline for Yennefer!

  7. The music gives me goosebumps, awesome performance, awesome composition. Now i‘m ready for Witcher 3, again. When is the next gen patch coming?

  8. All of the women stopped watching The Witcher once HC announced he was dating someone. PR101 if people love you based on your looks and not necessarily your talent…always appear single until married unless you want your brand to tank. It sucks but that’s just the reality. Your appeal leaves once you’re no longer available for fans fantasies. Sorry HC. You’re no longer the it guy and the numbers here show.

  9. Nie wiem po co deweloperzy się tłumaczą apropo grafiki Wiedźmina 1, w roku 2007 to była gra z najlepszą grafiką, w zasadzie to w niej wszystko było najlepsze.

  10. Willem Dafoe famously said of playing villains, "everyone is the hero of their story.. everyone thinks they are righteous". I was glad to hear Mimi embracing and loving her character. It makes her so much more believable on screen. I love that the same kind of care is going into this as Jackson showed the LotR material.

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