Visually Identifying PGR Cannabis (Poison) Australia A visual example of PGR cannabis and how to identify it. Smoke green, not …


  1. Why does this only seem to be happening in Australia 😅 also bugger my weed I get sometimes looks like that exactly like that but definitely always sneell different chronic smeels though

  2. you are right. But i have medical cannabis in brisbane and it is horrible smoke. it is grown ok but they do not flush it and i think that they slighty over feed also, so these 2 combining factors make the weed as hard or harder to smoke than pgrs.
    yes mate I know my smoke. i have been smoking since the mid 90s in brisbane. And ALL the hydro back in the 90s was FUCKING AMAZING compared to hydro these days. all hydo these days is HEAVY HARSH or HARD to smoke OR ALL 3. back in the 90s I could not get bad weed, It was ALL SMOOTH TASTY POTENT DANK. one cone gear that gives your whole body tingles before u even blow out ur first bong of the day. And the highs were strong long and most of all CLEAN [ i call it a clean high. daily smokers that have been smoking since then should know what iam talking about].
    a 20 bag would stink out a whole car or house, yet had not even been smoked yet.
    The sweet smell was calling.
    then the 2000s came and the weed has gotten worse and worse. It use to be enjoyable just to smell a bag of real weed, now i can hardly enjoy a dirty harsh heavy hard HIGH—- da, gos without saying who would enjoy that anyway??? only those that have no idea what real weed smells looks tastes and the high is like.
    there was no coco coir growing in the 90s.
    there was no feminised "real" seeds.
    and no pgrs or atleast not enough used to notice any bad taste or growth in buds.

    90s hydro who knows it????? who craves it???????? as u cant crave what u havent experienced.
    90s hydro was the best 2021 hydro is the worst!!!! so sad, things arnt supposed to get that bad after it was so good.
    90s hydro no coco coir just pearlite and other REAL hydro mediums
    90s hydro no feminised seeds just real genes from real seeds. [ as to make a feminsed seed you must induce a grandparent to be a hermaphadite! WTF???] so any feminsed seeds are 25% hermi not 100% juicy wet tasty female. even though u cant see seed production it is still 25% hermi.
    90s hydro anybody??????????? anybody know what i speak of???
    I dont know which is sader the fact i/we cant get real weed anymore or the fact most people dont even know what iam talkin of and there best weed now is stuff i would not even smoke in the 90s.

  3. They sell PGR bud in Oklahoma dispos. Virtually all the top shelf in my area is pgr. It looks “exotic” af. Break it & the density is almost rubber like in that it feels heavy and damp but there’s virtually no stickiness. Mind blanking dull head high. Tried warning my buddies but they think I’m insulting their bud🙃🙃it “gets them high” they say😔

  4. Damn I smoked a lot of that shit without knowing. Recently went legal and got a script for medical cannabis and now I realise how fucked the black market shit is. Thanks for this video mate you’re a legend

  5. Mate this shit looks like the better pgr shit that goes around.. the worst is covered in red hairs smells like the fertilizer section from Bunnings and gives you the worst fucking headache plus if your a long time smoker like me 15+ years it even hurts your lungs chest and rips like crazy that’s when you know it’s just chemicals your smoking

  6. What most people don't realize is the plant growth regulators (PGR's) were only every designed for ornamental flowers and those flowers are labelled "not safe for human consumption". The fact weed is grown with this illegally in Australia and people are unknowingly consuming it breaks my heart. All the more reason for complete legalization so we can grow our own at home like Canada.

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