Tribus® Original: As told by Cultivators

Hear first hand how commercial cannabis cultivators are implementing Tribus® Microbes into their nutrient regimen with significant results.


  1. Been using it for the first time recommended by GreenGene's Garden.(didn't get Tribus till the 2nd week of flower) In week 7 of flower now and my goodness wow. My suprise was that the growth rate really sped up. I still have another 2 full weeks and to see them, one might think they're in week 8 and damn near ready to harvest. I'm really impressed. I started another grow using it from the seedling stage and I've noticed the stems are a little bit bigger than what I'm used to. So far a great product. It's a little expensive buy hey, you get what you pay for. Happy Growing Friends! 💨😤……..🤯

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