Smoking Sage , Lavender , Cinnamon & Other Various Herbs

Back again with another video, what dado BAYBE. So im joining the military as must people know and I am unable to smoke Mary Jane , Cbd or any other illegal …


  1. I smoke lavender anr it mostly tastes really good, but sometimes it suddenly gives this burning feeling and makes my eyes tear up? Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong? 😭 (p.s. I've never smoked anything before)

  2. Any suggestions…..I’ve tried smoking with a cob pipe and prerolls for catnip, skullcap, mint, mullein, etc. I’m doing it to ween myself from nicotine but everyone brags that it tastes great and smoking either way tastes absolutely horrible. Am I missing something? I tried to just the herbs after getting from health food store but no luck. Thanks

  3. my mom use to do this shit!! Ok she has some tips she literally wants to share!!! One is to use wraps she said like blunt wraps burn better, hemp wraps, different leaves, experiment with different papers at the store!!! She said that’s huge and finding organic blends is the most important or growing and drying them yourself and grinding super super fine (like kief levels of fine). She encouraged me to smoke this as a teen rather than weed!!! 😀 wish you luck

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