Sha'Carri Richardson Deserved To Be Suspended From Olympics – And NO It's Not Racism | Rebroadcast

As a coach who has worked with athletes from around the globe, I can’t help but to both embrace the amazing talent and phenomenon that is Sha’Carri …


  1. Hey guys, I hope you enjoy this rebroadcast. I went back and re-edited the commentary that got messed up in the live version. Let me know your thoughts on this matter. Post up below.

  2. Black people have become so willing to accept bad behavior. Everything isn't racism, rules apply to us too. I'm glad she owned up to it, that's one positive to the story.

  3. Thank you for adding some sense to this discussion 👏….I'll just add this…. this 'excuse making ' is not reserved for black MALE athletes…generally they are reviled for suspicion of using banned substances, let alone intentional misuse. I think this goes to the larger media narrative of 'you go girl' black female pandering we've seen go into overdrive since before the elections, but that's been present for a LONG time

  4. Even my TEENAGERS were wondering what was wrong with people defending this. Rules are rules. It's something I taught them young…you follow the rules, no matter what everyone else is doing. I've watched athletes lose their medals AFTER the Olympics based on what they did during, black AND white. So you know ahead of time they're not playing. So why would you gamble, especially if you actually believe they're trying to keep you out based on your race?

  5. I like you normally, but you sound a little crazy on this one. I do agree that she should have been suspended, if that's the rule. My first instinct when I heard it was "God, how stupid." But then when I heard it in context, that she had a death in the family, I thought it was really sad. Her mom (hopefully) would've been disappointed to hear that she had caused her daughter additional loss (in addition to her having had to be raised by her grandmother for whatever reason). She's not some crazy, irresponsible black person too trashy to give up pot for even a second. I agree it's not a racial conspiracy. But it's also not some "the world is going to hell in a handbasket" situation. I was disappointed at how little compassion for her situation was expressed. I also think the pot rule is overkill and will probably change over time. It's too bad she didn't have enough people around her who truly cared who could help her through it and give her more productive coping mechanisms. But many times people who come from rough backgrounds do sabotage themselves at critical moments of potential success. It's more sad than something to ridicule or despise. I wish her the best.

  6. Based on your superchat, I can guess who gave you one of the thumbs down!! Lol!! Anywho, I was disappointed in how the public responded as well. We have to stop defending bad behavior. Excuses, excuses, excuses!!! There have been so many athletes who have lost someone close to them and didn't go to the route of smoking weed. There are other outlets…meditation, prayer, shoot have a drink! At least she held herself accountable, which is not much I can say about our people. And for those who are boycotting the Olympics is ridiculous! Thank you for talking about the Michael Phelps comparison. Awesome video!!!

  7. It’s crazy how black people will defend a sideshow freak like Sha’Carri & put her on a pedestal as if she’s some kind of revolutionary, but they’re completely ignoring the black female Olympic swimmer named Simone Manuel. 🙄

    Black women roasted Gabby Douglas because of her edges, but will defend Sha’Carri’s hair even though she was looking like a ThunderCats character. 🤦🏾

  8. It should be allowed. But it's not and she knew that. It's That simple. Not the end of the world or the end of her career. She can still accomplish so much but she needs to deal with the consequences right now.

  9. 100% agree. I was shocked to see an article on HuffPo (not sure why I was shocked) that said the Olympics did not want Black women to win or some nonsense like that. They perpetuate this 'racism'… and I think it was done deliberately to continue to push this false narrative. And – AOC was also part of that narrative stating that the IOC's reasoning to suspend Sha'Carri was rooted in racism… like, what?!?! Girl bye. Rules don't apply to Black people? That's what AOC was basically saying… that, well… "so what she smoked POT during an Active Olympic Trial (not some small track meet for goodness sake… but the DURN OLYMPICS) so she should be given a pass" — That's just garbage to me. Rules are rules! Find another coping mechanism — especially since you are a professional athlete…. you know the durn rules.

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