1. Happy Sunday! 💖Thanks for always showing up & cleaning with me or just watching and being my friend! 🥰 I just can’t believe that I have so many of you that show up to watch my videos! THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart! I hope you have a WONDERFUL week! I know you are STRONG ENOUGH to tackle anything that comes your way! 💪🏻There’s also a ✨NEW VIDEO ✨this Thursday!! 🙌🏻 Don’t miss it! More cleaning FAVORITES!!

  2. Thank you for being humble and expressing your awareness for what you have. It’s ok to want something else or something more, especially when you work hard to get there. ❤️

  3. What a great video! Loved it all and loved hearing your updates. Excited to see your moving journey if you find the right house. I hope you find something perfect and you’ll just know. The girls are gorgeous 😊

  4. What part of Ohio do you all live. I’m in Columbus. I don’t think you are bragging and you don’t need to justify or explain yourself.

    Love your channel

  5. You do not, in any way, need to justify your home choices to anyone! You are the furthest thing from someone who is ungrateful, a move doesn’t mean anything at all other then your an adult and are perfectly allowed to switch things up if you so chose. It really hurts my heart that social media is training us all to fear back lash for every little thing we do. They can move along if they don’t like it!! You don’t need to justify yourself to anyone, you are a great person based on what I see. I just hate that everyone has to feel sorry for having anything good or making any life choices in fear of what people will say or how they will react. You work hard and deserve to feel completely happy in your home, it’s your safe place, and for spending so much money and all of your time somewhere, you should feel fully satisfied! I’ll end the rant, I even find myself wanting to say “I hope this doesn’t come off the wrong way” because you have to be so cautious which is the very thing I’m ranting about lol it just shouldn’t be that way! Your great, and I support (as should everyone else because it has nothing to do with them) what ever decision you make because I’m sure you didn’t make it lightly! But hey no one asked me 😜 I’m happy for a possible new adventure for you!

  6. Your cleaning videos are life. I'm a neat freak and your videos soothe my soul!!! You wanting to move too is your business. I can understand. I live in Pennsylvania. It sucks living close too people. ❤😃😍

  7. I didn't get to really watch this the other day because it was up on my grammas tv while I was busy so I'm here watching today! So two views from me 😊

  8. There is nothing wrong with wanting to move to accommodate your family better. No need to feel like you aren’t being grateful for what you have. And think of how excited another family will be to be able to upgrade to your home some day!

    We are currently pregnant with our 4th boy and quickly outgrowing our home. We want to move but where we are (also Ohio), the housing market is crazy and it doesn’t make sense for us to move right now.

  9. We’ve all come down with head lice ahh the joys my eldest son had them the week before they broke up and I thought after many days hours they had gone but oh no my three sons And my daughter and husband 🙁

  10. Those kids are so adorable! Do what's best for you and your family, which includes quality of life changes like a bigger backyard and a little more space. Mental and emotional thriving is as important as physical thriving. I don't use sugar scrubs that often, and when I do they're homemade ones. Do the store bought ones have something in them that prevents it from melting off if you run hot water over it? I don't think it would work good for the shower door track, though.

  11. Your older daughter is so helpful n I agree she’s only that age for a short time n the twins saying goodbye was so cute And being too close I really understand I have to stay with my dad now n the neighbors aren’t nice they steal gas n keep me up all night most days Things will happen when they’re supposed to

  12. I think it’s great that y’all are thinking about the future and what y’all will need and want. I don’t like it when everyone can hear or even see everything your doing in your backyard or you can hear them. I like privacy in my backyard. I enjoy hearing your updates on y’all’s life. I’m glad your dog is ok. My dog was the same way unfortunately he passed away on Saturday. He was 13. 💔

  13. That is so true you need to let her have her things they probably mean the world to her. She will only be little for such a short time. My 22 year old daughter had a lot of things and it drove me crazy because I like a clean house, but I would give anything for her to be a little girl with a messy room.🥰🥰 I’m glad you and Mike had a wonderful time on your vacation!!!❤️❤️

  14. I love watching you Jamie. You inspire me to clean my house and have it as beautiful as yours. Also you do not need to explain anything to anyone. Change is good, I have to tell myself that sometimes as well. You do whatever is best for you and your family!!!

  15. I’m glad you had a nice time away, we all need downtime. You did a great job on making the bed.I’m so happy to hear that you have some methods to help the furbaby. Take care Sandy

  16. Hi Jamie, great video and very motivating!! I am right there with you, our neighbors put a pool in last year, and it hasn't been the best to say the least. 🙁 Our prices here in Atlanta are sky high, so we couldn't replace what we have with the same quality. I think it's awesome you guys could build, how fun! 🙂 I have been following you for a long time, and you are one of the sweetest YT mama's I have watched here on YT! I hope everything works out for you all!!! I'll be here watching and supporting you!!! Sending you much love from Atlanta!! Kristin

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