Investigation found former ATL police chief warned city of problems with use-of-force discipline

In wake of this case, Chief Erika Shields recommended policy changes for disciplining officers for unnecessary force, that were never implemented Full …


  1. That deputy Vickers is a psycho. He has a whole list of complaints against him and I am sure lawsuits are pending against him. Why do they keep this tyrant?

  2. A system like the one that's in Atlanta protects cops like this. That also sets a dangerous precedence because Justice is going to happen eventually. It can be through the courts or in the street. That's what these police unions don't get. You may want to arrest someone, you may want to violate their rights, you may want to beat them up, but guess what? Arrest and detainment or a temporary status. You mess with the wrong person knowing that they can't see Justice through the system.. is it really worth the cops life? This is why you need to get rid of bad cops before escalates into something where the penalties are way more severe.

  3. This was totally pointless this cop is Loose cannon he's going to end up murdering some one fire 🔥and make sure he doesn't get hired somewhere else I'm surprised guys like this pass the psychological test .

  4. Vickers and other APD officers like him should be fired immediately!! What is the review board, the mayor and the police chief doing on this? Do not let Vickers on the street not one more day. Dang, this is not hard to decide.

  5. We need to find vickers, go to his home where his wife and children sleep and place a circle of love and protection all around them! please if you know where we can find him, share his location.

  6. So if he’s a bad Apple why is he still working it makes the Good guys Job harder I don’t think that the young man needed to be tacked like that and then laughed at for his pain just saying we all must do better at respecting each other

  7. We're all going to quit the force. I'm not sure why everyone hates us. We all do everything by the book. It's only "A FEW" bad apples in our police departments around the country. 🤡

  8. No matter what, the abusive, racist White cop tackled and broke a Black man's ankle who was not resisting in any way. Maybe if the bone had severed his artery and he would have bled to death, then everyone would be convinced that the Black man's rights had been violated.

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