How to Build the Best RDWC Waterfall Fallponic Hydroponic Grow System!!

The PA Hydroponics 4 Plant Fallponic system is designed to fit in a 4×4 Gorilla Grow Tent with the reservoir outside of the tent and 3″ PVC returns for clog free …


  1. Man what a great how to video. Love the way you used fixed jigs. My experience is good bulkheads and don't cheap out…and putting the gasket on the correct side. Great job and info for the community!

  2. I realize this was a year ago, but if you’re still not satisfied with your audio, try a zoom recorder…. Tons of options for whatever your application is, and great audio and basic mods.

    Also, thank you for sharing!

  3. I have respect for Your explanation of "secrets", but this is an old system : ) from Greece and Egypt (this is new). Many have new combinations, but this is the same idea. Regards from Poland.

  4. I'm thinking about going to ebb and flow, flood. I'm using 3/4 inch hose now for return, and only top drip, only around 3 gallons per hr.
    It was what I knew 20 years ago lol, the store still had it all, but it is outdated setup lol. But, works.
    After watching these, I think flood is for me, …
    Thanks Gary!

  5. I like what you are doing it's really cool but for you might consider making you some templates generalize your process. Used build salt water boats and it sure helped us time wise.

  6. You should definitely be using that 8" circle cutter in a small bench top drill press with a little fixture that can hold the lid in position. Just pop them out like pez, and way safer.

  7. Gary you’re the man, you didn’t have to share your knowledge with us and you did out of the kindness of your heart. I will most likely build my own when the time comes because I enjoy the sense of accomplishment but will definitely be shadowing it off your design. Do you have a venmo or cash app to send you a Benjamin for your time and efforts in helping us all. I hope others do the same, either buy his set up or give him a tip at the very least. Happy growing brother🤙🏼

  8. I don't know if you still reply but i will ask anyway . if your doing two room veg and flower i assume you have the same exact system in veg room and when ready to flower you just transfer the whole veg bucket lid with plant into flower room bucket . also when adjusting ppm and PH how long does it take to adjust in res and see the change within whole system. also my issue would be my veg room is 5by5 and my flower room is 6by10 i think i might be able to fit 8 plants in 6by8 so how do i grow 8 veg plants in a timely manner to fill flower room at same time or i just cant since my veg room wont how 8 buckets

  9. That 8" hole cutter is a nightmare I have one I used it to cut 8" holes in half inch ply wood the kick on on the thing is like a mule had an electric drill with side grip I hate using it horrible thing 👿

  10. Do u sell the 3 inch bulkheads. I’m mooching off ur video and knowledge. So the least I can do is buy some of the products from ya. I appreciate you sharing.

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