Guinea Pigs, Saskia & Dr Nenn in the House!!

Everything we use in the videos can be found right here Has Saskia has helped you in the past with …


  1. Hi Saskia! We were wondering if there are any clinics or rescues in new jersey you could recommend us to take one of our guinea pig. She has a white toothpaste-like fluid accumulated in the throat-jaw area. We'd like someone to be able to drain all that fluid but the vets here keep prescribing the same antibiotics over and over and it doesn't go down. Would be able to recommend us a specific one we can take her to here in Nj? Pennsylvania or New York works too! Please help! 🙁

  2. I LOVE the part in your video just before 25 minutes you say "im proud of myself"…and so you freaking should be!!!! Look at what you have done! my gosh, some people only aspire to have such great things, and you have something great…..your rescue, and all the people who support you and what you do 🙂 You are blessed, and so you should feel extremely proud of yourself.

  3. Смотрю с удовольствием ваши видео! Очень люблю морских свинок! Подскажите, пожалуйста, как вы лечите своих свинок от насморка и простуды?

  4. I’ve been watching your videos for a while now and I was wondering if I could get some advice? I’ve had two male guinea pigs for two years now (they are 3) and they are in one large cage with a divider because they are impossible to bond because neither one would submit and the fighting was very close to drawing blood. I recently got a baby Guinea pig two days ago and I tried to bond him with my one male that I think he would go great with because they have similar personalities and the bonding seemed to be going great but it’s going on the third day and the older male is humping the baby excessively. I know it’s normal to show his dominance but the baby has clearly submitted every time and the older one just won’t leave him alone. Then I tried bonding the baby with my other older male and he did great with him too but the previous older one that he was with was crying and freaking out that we took the baby away. He would not calm down and was very frantic that we took the baby away he was trying to break through the divider to get to the baby so we put him back over there and then he calmed down. He seems to really care about the baby while the other adult male shows little interest in him. Will the excessive humping stop? Which adult should I keep the baby with? I want the baby to feel relaxed and not chased all the time but I also don’t want the one adult to become depressed and overwhelmed if I take the baby away. Thanks in advance for any advice you can give!

  5. The camera position is so important. When it's on Saskia's left side, we see a lot of the back of her left hand. It's frustrating. Love LAGPR! ♥️

  6. 4:59:39 to 4:59:53 You do such Amazing work. Removing stones and trimming teeth, treating bumblefoot ,and really bad mites/ringworm. You take away their pain and suffering and You saved a guinea pig from dying from being overheated. You've done and continue to do sooooooo much. Please don't be disappointed in yourself. We all love you Mrs. Saskia, Saskatoon Sass. You are an amazing teacher. A guinea pigs hero❗. You're beautiful, smart, talented, kind. I just hope you at least get some decent rest. Your body needs that so you can continue to be the amazing person you are. I say all this with good intentions and concern.💖💯🐹🐹

  7. 00:00 The live begins

    1:40 Saskia starts health checks

    9:23 Saskia feels a lump on the side of a guinea pigs face that she suspects is either an abscess or a cancer tumor. She also shows us her CBD gel pen that she uses can be found here ( Saskia also has links in the description for everything that she uses )

    16:34 Saskia shows us her bestie Stephen.

    20:22 Saskia begins health checks

    23:09 Saskia takes piggy to Dr. Nenn to do an x-ray on. Dr. Nenn said she can look at the pig, but has two people ahead of her.

    27:32 Health checks

    46:05 Saskia's husband Gabe makes a brief appearance says Hello

    47:50 Health checks continue

    1:18:45 Julia takes us to see some piggies

    1:26:50 Julia begins health checks

    1:41:05 Saskia returns and takes us over to the vet. The vet tells her the piggy has an abscess and not a tumor as they work on the abscess.

    1:44:39 Saskia does health checks

    1:50:22 Saskia works with pig who is overheated. Takes him to the garage where it's cooler. Saskia starts syringe feeding the pig electrolytes.

    1:59:34 Saskia prepares an iv bag to hydrate overheated guinea pig

    2:04:21 Saskia sticks IV in overheated pig to help cool it down

    2:11:48 Saskia takes overheated pig over to the vet where he is weighed. The vet will be doing an x-ray on him.

    2:15:30 The overheated piggy is now looking much better and is going to make it. He will get an x-ray later

    2:19:43 Saskia preforms health checks

    2:29:28 Saskia talks to us and answers a few questions

    2:41:44 Saskia takes us over to the vet and asks when they will do the x-rays which they are already in the process of doing. Saskia than takes us to see adoptions going on

    2:48:05 Staff member Adriana takes us to find a male pig to bond with some customers who need a mate for their piggy

    2:50:10 Adriana does a bonding session

    3:09:22 Saskia returns and takes us to the vet to see X-rays. Talks with vet. Talks about Bulla. The over heated piggy is all better now.🐹😍

    3:12:41 Saskia takes us to a cooler place and Julia shows us a super awesome package received that will help the rescue by allowing them to take pictures of the pigs available for adoption, while Saskia takes us around to show us piggies.

    3:20:11 Saskia Shows and talks to us about a pig who is retaining water. He has renal failure, but for now he's still with us.

    3:26:01 Saskia takes us back to see how the bonding session went

    3:27:12 Saskia sits down to talk to us and explain some things and answers some questions.

    3:59:20 Saskia takes us to the vet

    4:02:56 Saskia shows us really awesome blankets made by volunteer Alana ( Spoiled Rotten Piggies at etsy ) and talks about her etsy shops The Universe Reflected and Guinea Pig Fun Stuff.

    4:12:44 Saskia works to remove a bladder stone

    4:31:41 Saskia successfully removes bladder stone, and Julia talks to us answers questions

    4:40:44 Ursula does a pocket clean

    4:52:00 Saskia takes us around the rescue, shows us a horse. Than shows us some piggies in the back.

    5:00:56 Saskia shows us more horses before saying goodnight to us all.

  8. I’m sorry I missed the end of today’s live because Saskia, you’re right in thinking you could be more efficient in your time usage but we all need to understand that everyone deserves to be a complete human which means one area of you can’t take your whole other life from you without eventual disaster. Be good to you and we all know you will pay it forward at least 10X. Thank you

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