Guidance for Microbusiness Applicants

CLG Attorneys Nick Galendez and Jennifer Domingue discuss everything microbusiness applicants should know from rules and regulations, licensing fees, …


  1. $6,000 app fee, $8,000 fee to open up shop, annual $6,000+ fee, plus all the hundreds of dollars in fees for fire n safety inspections n shit = normal poor people still can’t move up in the world.
    Where the fuck am i gonna get $25,000 + to pay for everything and start up ?
    Gotta have money to make money = the poor keep getting poorer.
    I hate this country more every fkn day.

  2. I appreciated this video, I'm new at this and just starting to reaserch how this all works. The end of the vefio helped me a lot when you talk about not having to start in all the areas but choose the one for you and get the other licenses later. I live in Michigan but I'm co-heir to 284 acres of land in Arkansas and I'm thinking of using the land to grow but I have no experience. Any suggestions??? Thanks!

  3. So do I have to have a store or can I do this out of my house? If I can sell to anyone over 21 years of age that means a retailer can buy my product on their own time, thus using it for their own sale?

  4. This is what I need. I have the location (I'm part of several
    businesses, one of which has 10,000sq ft of unused warehouse). I have
    spent two years propagating a high yield strain. I have several years
    experience growing (and purchasing). And best of all, I am in a
    commercial area that nobody is moving on yet. I have other companies
    with positive cash flow. Personal credit is pretty good. Personal income
    is 6 figures. Total debt is less than $30K. Location is prime. I need
    consultants, investors and build a management team for a seed to sale,
    vertically integrated cannabis operation in a newly emerging cannabis
    market, in a region where upwards of 20% of the population smokes
    cannabis. It's secret. It's untapped. I have a business plan, marketing
    plan, start-up plan and 2 year budget requirements. I can start it
    small, and self fund the entire thing. But I'd rather bring in
    consultants and investors and dominate the entire market. I know this is
    a high risk industry, but honestly, if we move on this, the risk is
    quite low, probably lower than a coffee shop. You'll understand why I'm
    saying this after I explain in person. I'm looking for no more than 3
    investors/consultants to provide executive and financial support in
    exchange for return on investment and stock ownership.
    message me here or email me at with the
    subject (CANNABIS START-UP), that way I know it's about this post.
    Thanks, J

  5. 14k in application and license fee's first year (only two year's before big money moves in). You need to pretty much have a business setup and ready to go with storefront for inspection to get the license. Too many local regulations on placement. Need to be "socially" acceptable. My prediction – massive black market. A few rich "mom and pop" micro businesses scattered around the state in small pockets.

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