Emmanuel Acho Explains His Controversial Sha’Carri Richardson-Marijuana Comments | Ep Drops Thursday

Former NFL linebacker and current Fox Sports personality, Emmanuel Acho talks with the boys about his controversial comments surrounding star American …


  1. All he did was talk us around and around in 13 circles and didn’t even get back to the point I’m exhausted from just listening to him talk skip the point now move forward see how that works.

  2. i know the history of marijuana but i also agreed with Acho from his first statement……i'm from jamaica track is big here even ganga is big here….i think weed should be legal how do u ban a plant that's from the earth, u going to lock up god or mother nature for making drugs ???so u know it is a racial thing kmt, nobody ever overdose on weed…..anyway with that said sha carri kno the rules and in sport discipline can carry u further than talent sha carri is still young so u can slip and still be great….usain bolt mad talented as a teenager crashed and burn his first Olympics and got a beaten in the media too, worse than sha carri, it was bad ..but he refocus got more discipline and become the most fastest man in the world .

  3. It’s simple she fucked up it’s simple, she knows the rules so why do we feel sorry for her 😂

    Americans don’t understand the world don’t care about you, weed might be legal in some of your sports but we don’t care about your laws around the world weed is illegal so follow the rules or get the FOH

  4. Homework and research in this situation lol….bruh stop it. Nobody needs to do homework and y'all ain't gotta like it. She violated rules and got caught. She's an adult…and people WILL compete high lol. Ummm what lol?!?

  5. Yo. Acho da men. I'm sorry, he broke this down that a cave men should understand why sha'carri should be punish and we can't feel sorry because dumb people like to fire off on Twitter. Including Matt Barnes and SJ.

  6. People weren't saying he was wrong for saying she broke the rules, we were just saying it was dumb acting like someone was gonna throw a javelin through someone if they got high

  7. Well if we want to make Weed legal lets do it right.Marijuana is a plant that was used to drink as a tea for natural remedies.Smoking it, is the worst thing you can do with it.

  8. Weed supporters. Weed is an advantage with being calm in conflict. If you all would get on a bobsled with a man who has been smoking all day and come down a hill at 140 miles an hour with limited brakes then I will accept your argument that weed does not cause a unsafe situation. If you will get on a plane with a pilot who has been smoking weed all day and try to land that plane on an aircraft carrier with a limited Runway then I will take your argument. Until then weed should be banned in competition

  9. How about a Nigerian who doesn’t know enough about ADOS but tries to represent or speak on behalf of ADOS stay in his lane and instead speak about his own people.

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