1. I made my own sprout cups from using two solo cups. It essentially the same as the cup in cup method for cloning just more holes in the inner cup and piece of press n seal for a lid.👍

  2. Going to try the sprouts for sure, I just didn’t know you could do that. My husband and I watch your videos together and we love debating and rewinding your processes. So much fun, your knowledge keeps us learning and laughing, a little goes a long way. Growing couples activated!!!

  3. Bro, your videos are awesome. I’m from ct and I’m going to be able to grow soon. I already grow figs, grew up on a farm and know my way around a garden but have no clue how to grow bud. I’ve gathered bits and pieces over the years but you’re glueing then all together for me.

    Thank you!

    Between now and the official grow starting day in ct I need to build an indoor grow room in my cellar to accommodate 12 plants. I’ve only seen 3-4 of your videos and it’s already starting to come together.

  4. Much love to you all @buildasoil ty for all that you do. Keep the videos and updates coming always learning something new, and great vibes from everyone that has been on helping. Happy growing and harvesting from Vermont 🇺🇸

  5. Whats up bro looks nice. I just stared watching ur vidz n im glad i did!! Been growing for the last 5 yrs and been organic last 2 yrs. Gonna start building my own soil!!!

  6. Is it a good idea if your using your sprouts for feeding your plants only to add some type of microbial innoculant? Or is that counter productive to the end result your trying to achieve? Will the microbes mess with the new sprout enzymes we are after, or enhance it?

  7. Generally I know pure sativa strains flower longer. 10 to even 12 weeks or so. But now days with all the cross breeding would you say most of your indica and sativa strains tend to have the same flower window? Or is there still a major time difference? I can only grow outdoors here in Michigan. Last year we had a good year for harvesting as far as letting the plants go to their full potential, or atleast a lot closer than most years. I grow a strain that is lambs breath Crossed with sour diesel…..lambs bread diesel….Anyway, year before last I had to take them down at the end of the first week of October. The stuff was absolutely fire. It had exactly the type of buzz I was after, that cerebral, happy, giggly, upper, euphoric type buzz. Last year they flowered into the 3rd and some 4th week of October. They were much bigger, very frosty, still fire, tasted great, and good buzz……but mostly the buzz was TOTALLY different. So different it could have been a different strain. I also had another strain, Detroit Diesel, ….same thing with this one. And I would look at the trichomes and one day they would look a little milky, a little amber, go back 2 days later and most of them would be clear again. So I guess I'm asking……just because a strain can go longer does that mean that it necessarily should? I'm doing the Lambs Bread again this year but I'm considering taking it down a little earlier this year for that reason. Do you think the longer flower I allowed Last year caused the type of buzz to change, or was it some other factor? I grow in 100 gallon pots, did them the same both years and the clones both came from the same mother both years in a row. This is a mostly, or some say completely a 100% sativa strain. What gives? Usually in October we have a hard time harvesting later than week 1 or 2 of October outdoors because the rains roll in and the mold and bud rot along with it. Any advise or opinions? Anyone?

  8. Man can you help me with understanding if Clackamas coots nuit pack is and can you answer some questions about it for me ?
    Help me figure witch products I need to buy from you.Also for SST I need to order someseeds sprouts veg the. Flower
    I’ve asked a lot and don’t get a answer ! So I was hoping you would see this and help me spend good money with ya …@Holdenoutfarms

  9. Tip for carrots – place a wooden board on top of the soil after you plant the seeds. This will ensure all of the seeds are in contact with the soil and will keep the seeds dark and moist. Then remove board once the seeds germinate!

  10. I've found the best and most cost effective seed varieties to use for seed sprout tea to be parrot bird food. The tropical bird blend you find on the isle with the dog food. It's typically only $5 and you get a huge variety of seeds including corn, alfalfa,millet grass seed, as well as sunflower, and up too 5 other seed varieties. Along with dried carrots and peas. Which give them extra vitamins but more importantly those mirco nutrients they need from an Immediately ready to use, but an organic source. Which I have learned while you maybe uncertain when your using organic and giving your flowers everything you know they need already in the soil. However in mid to late flower you can see above average fading, yellowing all over the plants in combination with brown spots and curling tips on some of the leaves ( which is not to be mistaken for nutrient burn/lock out). Then you probably have a lack of micro nutrients starting with sulfur which causes the all over yellowing. Then zinc and magnesium deficiencies together cause brown spots and curling very dry almost dead curled leaf tips and at this point you are probably in need of a taste of potassium. Which the plant is fighting to use in place of the other micro nutrients. So with an organic grow you really don't want to use any bottled inputs but you do want fast results before your flowers suffer. However as you just pointed out the slightest yellowing is a good thing and a hungry plant is a happy one. Likewise by adding a sprout tea like this one your giving it the micro nutrients it needs without any bottled inputs. Also if you do not want to use a sprout tea but you just wanna give them that little kick you know they need. You can do the same thing with the build a soil craft blend. By blending the amendments into a blender making it easier for the microbial life to break down faster. And what I like to do is add just a teaspoon of molasses with my choice of mycholrizal fungi and trichoderma bacteria blend to the blended build a soil craft blend. Let this sit or even better bubble it for 24hrs. The microbes will have broken down a good amount of those organic inputs. And the result won't fix the leaves but becomes the best you have ever seen your buds look like a piece of candy. With leaves that maybe still yellowing but you've now given it just what it needed before the end and that's what I call perfection. When you go to flush and cure and everything is well into fade. You have less chlorophyll to worry about. Just terpenes and a fantastic finish thanks Build a soil.

  11. Jeremy….you are an angel sent from above!!!! I've learned what I've always wanted to learn on this channel. I was wondering when you were gonna enlighten the world with your Lao Tzu knowledge. Lao Tzu meaning old venerable master. Hallelujah! Soil master Jeremy one love BAS

  12. Also this might be off the topic but what you would suggest be the correct feeding schedule for veg all the way through the veg And how do you determine how much you feed as they grow same when we flip the flower no rush in answering the question LOL I was just curious something that I wanted to know before I started I haven’t been on here for a while we were packing preparing to move to Virginia so I figured I’ll start everything when I get down there I am so excited and I’m so happy That I’m able to contact you and consult with you your show was awesome I love it keep it going do you have all our support

  13. I would like to understand more about senescence. As we saw multiple of the same cultivar exhibiting different senescence. How do we know if it's a deficiency versus natural senescence?

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