1. We bind these monitoring spirits in the Precious Mighty Name of Jesus🙏 We moved a thousand miles away to get away from them now they are calling my new job and the ones before that trying to turn theses great people again st us.

  2. Dr. Bridges; Sea Creatures or Fish in a dream are symbolic of Demonic Marine Kingdom Spirits aka Spirit Spouses.

    This octopus Evil Spirit operates very similar to the actual animal in real life. They are sent by Witchcraft/Occult Practitioners which gave them the right to show up.
    It's important that you address this attack through Fasting along with Prayers ASAP before it gets an opportunity to show up again in order to negatively impact your life.

  3. “The devil will seduce you into sin and record you sinning” wow gave me chills. He sets a trap to use against you. God please protect me to never all mow me to fall for Satan’s traps from here forward in Jesus name Amen.

  4. Please can u break any monitoring and binding spirits that on my life. Who are presented in falsehood within these dreams/nitemares of mine. Not had for a while however
    But prayer to break curses and these monitoring spirits.I've had many dreams presenting the above. Thank u Pastor.🫂✨

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