1. I highly doubt they take creatine and protien powders. I've met ronnie coleman , dexter Jackson and Markus Rühl like 15 years ago and asked them personally and they said that they never take protien and creatine . You only see us take protien or creatine when on a magazine or video . They said they eat real food instead

  2. There is always a shock factor when quoting percentages of surveys taken in any kind of study. Unfortunately Greg fails to mention which studies he’s referring to and when quoting a certain amount of people using any specific supplement or drug how many people were surveyed? For example “90% of pros use clenbuterol” ok 90% of how many pros were surveyed? We’re all pro bodybuilders surveyed? If so how many pros are their? 100-200? The point is I get the shock value but I think there is some critical information missing to quote all of these percentages would need a reference to the surveys conducted.

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