Wax Wednesday | Bars To Jars!

Hey Friends! An accidental (yet SOOO appropriate) Bars To Jars for you today! We are finding some great Scentsy mixes for Bath & Body Works Smoked Vanilla …


  1. My daughter wants me to add Palo Santo to my club. She says it reminds her of the "burning Rome" scene in Spaceship Earth at Disney's Epcot. Okaaaayyy….😆. Love your videos, Lisa!

  2. After all the bad press Palo Santo got….ITS MY NEW FAVE!!!!!! I put two bars in my club! I like it alone, and with Bonfire Beach. I’m looking forward to mixing it with fall spice scents. Fantastic! No pepper to my nose, just gorgeous incense-y smolder💕!

  3. lil off topic but i didnt hear you mention the muberry BBMB.. did u like it??? whats it like???
    Appealing apple and vanilla burbon mixed are da bomb!!!!

  4. Hey Lisa! I'm an avid candle collector and Scentsy fanatic! lol. I do both ( I am right now) I love this idea! I just started a YouTube channel about reviewing Scentsy and candles. You inspire me! Love your videos and your vlog is awesome!

  5. yaaas! So happy you did this one! Smoked vanilla is one of my favorites from BBW and I'm a sucker for a good smokey scent so of course I grabbed Palo Santo to try. I find Palo Santo a little harsh on it's own and I was stumped on a mix for it. I'm totally going to try those since I have them on hand but I think I'll also try Vanilla Waves instead of Sugar Cookie.

  6. I definitely don't like Palo Santo and I really wanted to. I didn't want it to go to waste, either. It actually ruined everything I mixed it with. I did try with Toasted Marshmallow and also Vanilla Bourbon. Palo Santo was still too dominant. I didn't have any Sugar Cookie, and it didn't occur to me to try with Vanilla Bean Buttercream.

  7. Darn, I have all of those except sugar cookie! I’m warming cinnamon vanilla today, It’s cool out with a nice breeze and I was just in the mood for something fall like and cozy

  8. Thanks for the great suggestions! Just dropped Palo Santo, Vanilla Bourbon and Vanilla Bean Buttercream into the warmer in the guest room – fingers crossed!

  9. Thank you Lisa! I’m scared of palo Santo. I have a brick of vanilla bean buttercream & I have toasted marshmallow ( brick & bar from club) totally trying them both

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