Walking in Johannesburg | Town | CBD | JHB Walk | South Africa

The Central Business District, commonly called Johannesburg CBD, is one of the main business centres of Johannesburg, South Africa. It is the most dense …


  1. The city l love more than any other in the world…and I’m not even South African.

    Did my four year degree in this city.

    I used to love walking new places I’d never been to alone with my thoughts. I really do miss Jozi

  2. This is the most beautiful testament to black majority rule — you can’t see the woods for the trees — a dying City. All of South Africa’s ‘Political Elites’ ability to run a nation is incapsulated in this city alone with increasing accuracy.

  3. Some blocks are looking really nice like around Bank City. Also the Innes Chambers building looks completely renovated. Still you can see how one block can be well maintained and the next block can be a mess. The 80s architecture on the Smal Street Mall and by the old Joburg Sun is so fascinating to see in today's context.

  4. Thanks for the video. I used to live in Gauteng but moved abroad now. Joburg is not the city I remember, very sad to see it in the state its in Would love to see what Florida lake and Florida town looks like now, spent a lot of my younger lifer there.

  5. Our city was hijacked when you touch hijackers you will be called xenophobic it's even difficult to walk in the street they rob us we have no place in our country as you see in some of the comments they said "City of xenophobia" those are the words they use when we complain as citizens.

  6. If you say how dirty it is people brand you racist. It's not dirty it's filthy, yes I am one of those who remembers when it was a pleasure to walk in all areas of Jo'burg but foolish to do so these days. I miss the restaurants in Old China Town , Italian in Braamies, Mama's in CBD & Curry Den in the Carlton Centre. We have become a Country of litter louts sad to say.

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