Trump Fueled Anti-Trans Homicide Epidemic w/ Canela López

This interview previously aired on Peacock on May 4, 2021. Emma Vigeland discusses anti-transgender violence with Canela López. We stream our live show …


  1. It’s reasonable to think 1000s may have been targeted and assassinated by Trump extremists, given the dynamics laid out here. Way more than 44.

  2. I see that transphobes and bigots have crawled out of the slime in these comments. It seems that the majority will have to drag your carcasses YET AGAIN to the next century. It's going to be discomforting for a bit, but you'll be ok!

  3. That's 45 cases one could easily go investigate to find out a motive. Unfortunately, organisations like TMM mislead people every Trans Day of Rememberance, implying that all cases of trans murder are motivated by transphobia which is not always the case. 45 cases in the US translates to 2.28 per 100,000 against a total homicide rate in the US of 5 per 100,000. Sure, there are under-reportings but I don't think we can call this a murder epidemic. Transphobia is very real, but this elevated sense of fear of death perpetuated by people like TMM isn't doing any trans person any good. I guess that's me canceled.

  4. Great interview, Emma, great reporting, Ms. López. These statistics must be known, if prevention is the goal; as cases go unpursued and unsolved, deterrence isn't created and behavior doesn't change. Anymore, it seems we're just creating memorials instead of creating acceptance.

    The mentality of these perpetrators is unreal: "Why you arresting me?" "You killed another human being." "It was just a–" "You killed another human being."

  5. Why did my comment get deleted? It didn’t contain anything offensive or any obscene language. I feel like somebody goes through and deletes comments that don’t cheerlead for Biden. My life as a gender non-conforming person does not feel any bit safer or better under Biden. Am I not allowed to say that?

  6. Trump was the first President to openly support the LGBTQ community on the night he won office, unlike Biden, Oboma, or Hillary Clinton, they opposed same sex marriage in the beginning.

  7. Using Trump's name is such a disservice to such a powerful and empowering narration from the guest. No administration is taking this issue seriously and even the guest just named Trump only once or twice.

  8. I dont want to sound crass but is there proof that this getting worse or is this happening just because police and media are getting better at identifying cases like this. Also, is there any proof that these homicides were motivated by the fact the victim was trans. And how does this person propose we solve police misgendering decedents. Ultimately the police would likely defer to genitalia when dealing with a John/Jane Doe, and while yes that causes problems what is the solution a corpse can't self id itself.

  9. Doing my part for the algorithm. I really didn't want to click on this. I am sad and misanthropic enough as it is. So here's my comment and view. I hope it helps more people see this because it is so important.

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