This Is Norway's Plan To Decriminalize Drugs (HBO)

As the federal government tightens drug legalization policy in the states, a consensus is developing in Europe. Norway — run by a coalition of right wing parties …


  1. As a person living in one of these Scandenavian countries I have to say I agree with the mindset of this, giving these people help and a possibility to rehabilitation. What I dont agree with is legalizing something as dangerous and making it a household item. Giving drug dealers the possibility to tax and the possibility to sell online to children and young kids. This may look good on paper and in numbers not having any deaths, but what kind of life expectancy will these people have? What kind of quality of life is there being addicted to drugs of any kind? I cant find a silver lining in just making sure the numbers drop so on paper the country looks like its taking care of a problem. Thats what is happening here isnt it. If the peoples well being was in aspect they wouldnt jail them in the first place but offer extensive rehabilitation to them, instead they put drug addicts on the streets during the beginning of the pandemic. This doesnt look like taking care of anyone, except for the countries best intentions. Here in Norway we have more alcoholics then I think there are in many other countries, also the abuse of tobacco, to the extent where its been banned in public areas in order to make people stop smoking. Ever since these "easier" drugs have apperared, like Tobacco and alcohol, its been the mission to get rid of them. So my problem with this is, do we really want to have easier access to drugs in our socity? Do we want to teach kids and young people that being a drug addict is OK, and that you will get help if you become one. This whole thing starts in the home and in schools, education on what the actual harm is. This whole situation is only serving the countries best interest, not the individuals health. Being an addict and help getting high is no way of life.

  2. im tired of being awake
    if you're 12 or whatever, a young person/teen and reading this, DO NOT WAKE UP. it does nothing for you. even if you win, and you reach enlightenment and you reach taht 'jesus state'. you will just be more of a target than you always were. dont do it. play sports, do anything you can to get good at sports or good at SOMETHING (preferably something that doesnt involve intellect, perception, IQ, debating, etc) youll regret it. this is the best advice youll ever get

  3. Same in america all our prisons do nothing but make you a smarter criminal our justice system has very few prisons that actually have trades or programs that will help you when you get out

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  6. Decriminalization may have the advantage of reducing the incredible amount of violence, crime and political corruption associated with hard drugs.

    I don’t like hard drugs but having a less seedy less violent society may make decriminalization an idea worthy of consideration.

  7. Legalisation is not the same as drinking Coca Cola. Alcohol is legalised and that is not the same as with Coca Cola, Coca Cola is regulated using other laws related to food processing etc I suppose.

  8. Being honest, kind doesn't mean being weak or soft … Let "watch" say no and "calm and courage" say rejection, point to meaning and "protect the right" with Loved family members and everyone in society

  9. why are everyone so impressed that a heroin addict speaks two languages… Here in Norway people speak minimum two languages, often 3 since we learn it in school from childhood.

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