The Truth About Rapper Chef Action Bronson

Action Bronson (also known by his real name Ariyan Arslani) is not your average rapper — and he’s not your average chef, either. After establishing his music …


  1. The things that’s funny to me about the misogyny misconception is that most misogynist you see want skinny, petite girls…Action Bronson likes big, strong women. Example A, his video Baby Blue. That should been the first sign that he’s just a guy who’s words come off weirder than initially intend. Like Markiplier talking about Lady Dimistrescu😂

  2. Oh, I love Mediterranean food, I waitressed at a Mediterranean restaurant. Not only was the food very good, but it was fresh and much healthier than the foods at most American eateries. And the knowledge I gained there helped me tweak a lot of my own old recipes and with all the new spices I learned about I came up with a few originals of my own.

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