The Biggest Scandals To Ever Hit The History Channel

Back when the internet was young and facts still had meaning, there was the History Channel, featuring shows about – you guessed it – history. But that version of …


  1. Swamp people were all arrested and charged for killing illegal alligators then charged again for having anal intercourse with the alligators they found over a hundred alligators with their assholes stretched out of shape and smelling like KY jelly

  2. Someone needs to be fired at the History network and get back to doing HISTORY ……no tattooed junk queens, no fuzzy headed alien chasers …. DO HISTORY …..theres 5,000 years of recorded human history to tell …..gets some ideas and roll with em !

  3. Swamp. People. Are not actors
    No Hollywood drama class.
    J PAUL.. family man.. ..
    Dont need camera to make a living . With a gun and boat..
    Have a gator on small cord.
    Not even a rope….

  4. I think anything and most everything indexed as reality is actual bullshit, all scripted for reaction which in turn equates to rating, either positive or negative it is rating, the demographics it directed towards are simple hard working honest people, most of these people still value the strength of a handshake, so the people who write these stories should be ashamed of them selves

  5. If your dumb enough to believe the fake documentary about bigfoot and think they are real. You probably believed the fake documentary about mermaids the Discovery channel did..

  6. History, TLC, A&E etc have all given up trying to educate anyone, simply shrugged off any pretense and behaved like most corporations : shovel the most base, thoughtless and junk food-ish televised garbage for more profits.

    Worst thing we ever did as a society was give corporations more rights than we do. And now it's way too late to reverse things.

  7. Eustace Conway was raided by the Watauga County, N.C. Health and Inspections departments and cited as you mention. But on further examination his buildings built the old way with natural materials were determined to be equal to or above the engineering standards for safety for human occupation. The North Carolina General Assembly defused the situation by passing an exemption to the building codes for traditionally constructed structures according to Wikipedia. I do not know whether he had to put modern plumbing and sanitation in or not.

  8. …yeah, that’s not why the Kennedy story was killed: they were going to make the golden boy politician out to be what he actually was by telling the truth, the media can’t have that happen especially with him being beloved by so many in Hollywood.

    clout trumps truth, they caved to pressure to not lie to make his family look bad. no shock that the biggest sycophant “reporters” in Hollywood trashed the miniseries- gotta protect their special access!

  9. HUNTING HITLER, OH GEZZ!!!!! Back in 2004 in Miami, Florida I listening to The Mike Malloy Show on Air America Radio and he said about The History Channel, he called it The Hitler Channel and now this? He was right THIS IS THE HITLER CHANNEL AND IT'S WORST.

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