Smart Ways to Pass a Urine Drug Test for Weed | Green Fleets

Want to know how to pass a drug test? Here are the simple methods to pass a urine drug test for marijuana with flying colors. ‍⚕️ The ultimate guide to passing …


  1. Heavy user for 14 years, i took me 3 months till my first negative/positive results. After 4 months negative cosistently. I done that bcause im applying on government. Now im still doing pot

  2. is he sure he dosent mean mcg when talking ab b2 and b12 bc they’re sold by the micro which is one pill (500mcg) per 0.5mg so ur saying we would have to take 200,000 b12 pills for the effects to work?

  3. Hey guys i have a drug test coming up i took a hit of a cart and a hit of blunt I've been drinking water and cranberry juice and i also have a high metabolism like i cant even gain a pound if i tried am i good or am i fucked also ik the test is gonna come from walgreens

  4. Don't do this. Its a gamble, sometimes u fail, sometimes you pass. This bullcrap he telling u to do takes away the natural coloring in the urine and no pee should ever be perfectly clear. These labs may not or can't prove u took anythung but most labs now will tell you they will not accept the test results, they wnt give u a negative test nor a positive test they just reject doing your test in its entirety and they will inform your employer they will not conduct your test due to tampering/or suspicion of trying to decieve test results. Boom, the employer will not send u to another clinic they gone simply remove u as an potential employee. For 100% results no deception or any issues at all is get someone who is clean, have them piss in a Urinator Device. The device holds urine temp between 94°F – 96°F up to 12 hours. It cost $142.00 and u can find it online.

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