Q & A Marijuana Live – Come Ask your Questions

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  1. Hey man, missed it live. Only been rocking with ya for a few months now. I actually caught one of your old videos first, subbed off of that. Lol Do you still grow autos like the Ghetto grow? I am a cancer patient, so it will be for medicine. I am off work and had a late start. That's why I initially wanted autos. I live in Calgary Ab Canada so the season is also short. I started in the small cube and when I first saw roots moved into the 4 inch. Unfortunately we have shitty weather, will be over a week and a half of cloudy cold rainy shit. Lol. After 4 days under house bulbs I noticed them stretching so sprung for a 4' HO T5 for now. Prob get them back outside Sunday. I am now seeing roots on half the cubes, as of last night. 10 gallon fabric pots ready to go. Didn't get perlite tho, thinking I should mix some in? Would you plant sooner than Sunday, even tho not much sunlight? Should handle temps, doubt it will go below 50 now, last week it was 47. Looks warmer according to weather Chanel. Just don't wanna fuck this up, invested a lot for me right now. If I can get back to work down the road I would love to start an indoor 4X8 or even a 5X5, and Perfect Sun LED is my choice. Any input would be great. Hope you and your wife are good.


  2. Dude pls put out notifications….the earlier the better as i would have tried to make sure i was available for this….your results and intellect is top notch.

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