Police fed up with failed homeless policies in California: It's insanity

Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva vows to clear Venice homeless camps after a woman pulls a knife near a mayoral candidate. #FoxNews Subscribe …


  1. How about we put a wall around California and stop letting other states homeless in? Lol this Sherriff only points out the problem but offers no solutions

  2. All the big state mental hospitals have been closed down because of the bad things that happened those places, but at least everyone who had need was housed and in a place where they could get assistance without being a threat to regular communities. Shutting down SROs and strict building code enforcement also result in higher bottom tier residential costs that result in even employed people having to live on the streets.

  3. Arrest the entire Democratic crime syndicate for TREASON!! They are intentionally destroying our country!! Start with Pelosi, Biden, Harris and Obama first!

  4. These evil mfs talkin all that B.S. those homeless ppl out there ain't just mentally ill or choose to be homeless etc we already seen thousands of videos where ppl go talk to them. There's whole families out there needing help

    It's that type of thinking that encourages ignorance.

    Instead of trying to help these people, they simply ignored the problem. Now it's out of control and they don't have a clue as to what should be done.

    When did Fox News take a nose dive to the left? You all need Jesus.

  6. Fox news don't HV the guts to go interview the homeless to find out why they're homeless. Instead, they're just a bunch addicts with mental problems…real nice tone setting.

  7. They need their own town near Barstow or out in the desert. If they can’t stop the drugs then they are not allowed to walk among civilized people. They choose that life and impose it on us. We don’t want a Socialist government- enforce the laws and clean up the streets!

  8. Well hiding them from the rest of the city is wrong but at the same time it’s not a good idea to have them all on main streets and popular areas so I guess the only real answer is to help them they need to open more shelters, raise minimum wage, more affordable housing and more affordable mental illness and drug addiction help if they can’t do all of those and more it’s not going to get better

  9. Living off the grid? You mean,living under the radar. Living off grid is something you should research bc your view is way off on this matter.

  10. Which tells me that the government don’t know how to handle this issue properly:
    Of which we need to question the intellectualism behind the economic infrastructure!
    The insanity is not the homeless, but the actuality of which the government is ignoring!
    Of which there is a way to deal with the issue, with them.
    It’s the psychology of the system!
    It so simple… however we need a different perspective of change, in part it is so simple!

  11. Cops follow these same failed law to help themselves get rich.. They harass the public with corrupt laws and spend hours in court with pay accusing the public of being wrong when it's the laws that are wrong.. You can't have it both ways.. Stop working for an evil court system and then complaining when it doesn't work.. Cops are idiots and get paid to be idiots and then say it's idiotic…

  12. I will tell you this right now .. I am homeless and I NEVER Live this way.. WHAT ALL YOU FAIL TO REALIZE IS ALL THESE TENT PEOPLE ARE THE DIRTY NASTY DRUG ADDICTS WHO WANT TO LIVE THIS WAY. My Circle of homeless friends hate these OTHER Homless people. Those tent people CAN NOT Hold down a apartment job or car responsibilities.. I LIVE OUT HERE I KNOW FIRST HAND. PERIOD. You don’t even know that there’s Several types of homeless person on Different Levels. Without knowing that YOU CANT HELP AND KNOW NOTHING. To Hell With All You People

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