1. My get lean set is on its way!!! Can't wait to start. Hope I have enough space in my room for jump rope hahaha any advice for mild thrombosis in the leg and ankle that's the only thing I feel would worry me abit.

  2. Love the honesty about weed 😂 most people are hush hush about it.
    Also love getting a look into your mindset around but also outside of jumping rope. Great tips, great vibes ✌🏼

  3. I’ve been a “Zen dood” lol…for a few years. JR really helped me get through nursing school. But…I got carried away with it and skipped out (no pun intended) on strength training. 3 days full body weightlifting and 2 days jump rope (with 2200 cal diet) did the trick. Love my body now. . Also my cardio and footwork is on another level during kickboxing. Just wanna give props to the JRDoods for gettin me started.

  4. Love this. We all need to find that mental point of saying … Enough … Before we can do the thing. For me, it was when I read an article about weight loss that said: losing weight is hard? Is it harder than carrying the extra pounds all the time, or not being happy with how you feel physically?

  5. iwant to loose my weight but how 😔 very worried about my overweight body … i have 0 motivation….plz help me out …i subscribed to ur channel 1 yers ago but im not consistent …i can do dieting but can't do exercise..😟😟..im 21 yers old n my weight is 65kgs ..iwant to loose 10kgs… plz if ucan help me out ..💓💓💓

  6. ive been in my plateu for 2 weeks, and suddenly i get ill still not recovered yet, afraid that im going to gain weight since i cant do any proper activity and still in bed rest…

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