Growing Strawberries In Pots Or Containers!

Growing Strawberries In Containers Is Easy! Strawberries are made to grow in pots and containers on your patio or deck. Being shallow-rooted and quite …


  1. Literally paused the video went to tractor supply got a bag of potting soil – I have bare roots that have come to life with 4 inch greenery just ready to be planted I just didn’t know what to do for soil —THANKS

  2. The company I purchased my bare root strawberry plants from insisted that they be planted in 30% sand mixed thoroughly with the soil. They repeatedly talked about the sand and its importance. Why was that???

  3. Thank you as you helped me understand what the crown was and where although when you were first trying to show where the crown was on video you shot that part outside video range so we could not see it.

  4. I need some advice. I planted 49 Sweet Charlie Strawberry plugs in December. They were planted in two Greenstalk Vertical Planters and mulched with straw. When it warmed up, I removed some of the mulch and fertilized with Espoma Organic Berry-Tone. So far I have only gotten a few very small malformed berries. Is it possible it is because this is their first year? Do you have ideas on what caused this and how I can correct it? Thanks

  5. Thank you for this video. I am trying strawberries for the first year. Question- plants I get from Home depot, do I need to pick off the flowers for the first year or let them fruit? Thanks

  6. Hi. I buy potted strawberries every year. This year I didnt check to see if they had blooms and neither pot has any blooms. I have had the pots for three weeks and none have started to form. We have had a few nights of less than 10°C. Some of the leaves have turned red. The days are quite Hot and sunny. But still no blooms. What can u do to get blooms? I live in Quebec canada.

  7. Hey I watched your video and it’s really cool vid! Everything is well explained, I just have a question, so I’m planting a strawberry but I got the seeds from a strawberry, it’s growing a little sprout but I’m worried about the soil,I used the soil outside in my yard and it looks I think it’s good soil,do you think it will still work? Thanks!

  8. Thanks for the info! I’m furiously trying to find info on this as I acquired a couple plants but they were in wet paper towel instead of soil so I’m rushing to get them planted

  9. I assumed putting mulch is only necessary if its winter/cold weather. Could you clarify that for me please?
    This is my first time growing strawberries and i really want it as right as possible.

  10. Awesome video. I just got a starter strawberry plant that's in a small pot and am a total beginner. Would you recommend these same steps if it is to be kept indoors? Or is it better outside?

  11. Hi- Great video! Can you explain what you mean by strawberries grow in one direction and point the new growth to the outside of the pot? Are the old leaves on one side and new leaves on the other? I am having trouble telling which side of the crown should face the edge of the pot. Thanks!

  12. I have potted strawberries and I need help. They've caught a scale bug infection from my citrus. I've gotten the citrus under control with pyrethrin soap, but the shape of the strawberry leaves mean I can't easily spray the soap.


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