'Dumb A$$es': Connecticut Cops Record Themselves On Body Cam Making Up Charges

This gives flying by the seat of your pants a whole new meaning … Connecticut police officers showed their complete disregard for the law and their stupidity by …


  1. The repercussions they will face will be so small that we won’t even hear about it. Cops do this stuff everyday and it happens so much more than we report. There needs to be a complete overhaul on the policing and justice system in America. Until that happens things are going to get much, much worse. We need police reform and we need it yesterday.

  2. Nice they gave him the amo back … my son was pulled over and thought he would be nice and told the cop he was carrying cop did look things over then gave the gum back without the amo

  3. Yeah lawsuit for the city which paid 50,000….troopers cleared of any wrong doing! How does that make f'in sense! Why did they have to pay then??? Cause they were innocent…NOPE! GAF! SGT John Jacobi……LOSER!!!!

  4. This happens because not because the police force are racists or police brutality this happens because individual officers that do not represent the police or any police are dishonorable souls. People Dont even know why they hate police anymore. there all making up reasons just like these officers did.

  5. All police are fucking dumb. They fail the high IQ ones out of school so the only police on the force are all fucking retarded.

  6. Dummy dummy dummy of the day the war goes the dumbest police officer on the planet Earth you get it and all of those were for you dumb-ass of the year

  7. Don't they have to have the body cameras on all the time? So what i mean is can a proceeding be thrown out due to the officer's word over the person in question or the accused, if no body camera is not present.

  8. Some random motherfuker is walking around with a gun and somebody called but the police showed up and when they showed up the supposable suspect was giving the police a fucking problem how do you deal with the problem or potential problem potential problem with someone who could possibly go get a gun and hurt someone

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