Don't Ignore These Early Symptoms Of Parasites In Your Body

Don’t Ignore These Early Symptoms Of Parasites In Your Body hey everyone in this video I tried to tell what parasites are and how they can effect our life …


  1. I have this skin related problems since long time and got my hemoglobin level every time .so.i took injection for increasing hemoglobin level …my skin get recover when my hemoglobin level increase and after some time my skin itching start to level can bare it …

  2. Bro I eat a lot and I’m the middle of the night while I’m sleeping I feel a hunger in my stomach and I eat a lottt so how am I hungry in the middle of the night

  3. In addition you could have depression – toxins can get into the brain thru circulation, hormonal imbalances, failure to lose weight or gain weight with reasonable diet and exercises, chronic fatigue, pain all over the body like muscle pain etc, nutritional deficiencies, unexplained mental issues generally for many years.

  4. Whenever i sleep at night n if its a hot legs thighs irritates so much..small rashes..n sometimes my toes n feet r swollen during sleep n irritates much i cnt control..

  5. I have parasite in my body ascaris worms and it has been disturbing me for many years please what is the remedy because medicine such as zentel e.t.c is not effective at all.

  6. I use a mixture of black walnut hull , wormwood and cloves… trust me it expels parasites from your body. I have seen them over a ft long !! One other symptom of parasites is cravings for sugar. They thrive on it and because they want it… they make you crave it more. Also they hate pumpkin seeds raw. When I do this cleanse I expell many parasites and I lose weight. Parasites keep you fat !

  7. If you have symptoms you describe, why won’t GI doctors test for these parasites? Is it an insurance issue ? I’ve suffered most of my life with IBS -D and it only gets worse .

  8. You have any type of worm in your intestinal system, you can just eat papaya seeds(all of them). They taste like black pepper. It will kill them then you shit it out. I eat them once or twice a year to make sure I don't have any.
    Yes it works because I had worms and it scared the shit out of me.

  9. Thank you, Dr for your specific information about human parasites. Would like to get a clarification about the chances of getting a transplacental infection as in animals? ( it was mentioned in the early part of the message that, we are not born with the parasites, this is the reason for the clarification). With best wishes.

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