Does CBD Improve Mental Health?

CBD is so hot right now. The compound is being added to everything from gummies to lattes, attached to claims about how it can improve health in any number …


  1. Dr. Carroll: Explains the importance of using scientific method and research to evaluate a treatments benefits and risks. Cautions against the use of anecdotal data.

    Youtube comments: CBD seems to work for a person that I know.

  2. i love this increase in the acceptance of studying less traditional drugs these days but yeah we've seem to have confounded safety with efficacy. it's the same sort of backlash we've gotten with regular cannabis where the dangers were widely exaggerated & as it becomes more accepted & we learn that its safer some people have taken that further than reasonable. it's understandable, especially with how much discrimination has accompanied those lies but it's important to remember that sometimes things are neither black or white but grey. thanks for the vid. much love.

  3. Support medical marijuana. Years ago, I smoke marijuana (illegally) because the pain from my radical hysterectomy (cancer) did not respond to Percocet, a narcotic. Couldn't reach my surgeon and a pain doctor wouldn't touch me as I was "somebody else's patient." Two puffs on a joint controlled the pain for 1/2 hour. Was off of it in 2 weeks. Interestingly, what caused my pain was the biopsies on nearby organs!

  4. I personally know of 4 people (myself included) that a full-spectrum hemp oil (not just CBD) has helped a lot. I have used CBD by itself before, and it did not help that much, other than making me a bit drowsy (which helped a bit with sleep).

  5. The vast majority of the extralaboratory data I have heard indicates that using CBD independent of the other bioactives in cannabis is significantly less effective than when used in combination. Additionally, the bits that have an outsized effect are the terpenes present. While I understand the isolation method of analysis, in this situation, I believe it does an immense disservice to the understanding of cannabis as medicine. All this being said, the CBD craze is mostly horseshit, like most health food crazes. There are medicinal properties when used properly, but capitalism would rather strip out the helpful bits and sell a placebo than actually promote wellness.

  6. Could there be a similar "Goldilock" effect at lower doses? I've honestly never taken more than 40mg, and the effect is absolutely noticeable and not placebo. I'm really surprised even "self-reported" studies had participants say they don't feel less anxious. Maybe me and everyone I know who uses is super sensitive to CBD…? That or those studies are BS.

  7. I think CBD does help (I have extreme anxiety among other things) but like you said you have to take so much that it’s too expensive. It’s probably cheaper to buy multiple rounds of shots for the whole crew than it is to have enough CBD for one weekend

  8. CBD gummies are highly effective for me in reducing soreness, inflammation, stress and anxiety. I'll usually just take one. Most days I take zero. I took five once and was blissed out for the night.

  9. I've assumed that the CBD I take for my panic disorder is a placebo. Placebos are awesome. Regardless, in my case it took me from nightly panic attacks that would last between 30 minutes and all night in length; down to maybe one a month at bed time. And it reduced daytime panic attacks as well, though not as dramatically. This was probably life saving for me.

    And safer than other solutions. Before CBD I was on an antidepressant – which worked ok but was unpleasant for a host of reasons, and before that Xanax, which worked but isn't good to be on long term. CBD has worked better by far than both of those. I don't know why, I don't care why. I might not be here today without it.

    Maybe I can switch to something cheaper and get the same effect? Is there a way to do that and still gain the placebo effect as strongly?

  10. I am pretty skeptical of using CBD and/or marijuana for treating mental health mainly because of my experience having PTSD and having tried weed gummies. While I will say it did help me feel less anxious short-term, I found it to be VERY addictive and had to quit almost immediately. And that was just at doses at about 2-3mg. While I recognize that my experience was just an individual account, there doesn’t seem to be any good data in support of it either. My main concern is that while the focus seems to be on relieving for example anxiousness, I worry for the long term effects of such a drug on populations already highly prone to addiction.

  11. I've heard claims that CBD is only effective in combination with other cannabinoids i.e. unprocessed weed products.
    Are there any official studies on various weed strains with varying levels of THC?

  12. Good video.
    Do you think you might do a video on the new evidence arising on the use of psychedelics for depression? I used to be very skeptical but I've been surprised to hear there's some RCTs out now with interesting results, although I haven't had the time to analyse them myself.

  13. People are weird about CBD, they'll defend it like they're the ones selling the stuff. Even the trials for seizure control aren't super robust, but better than the ones on anxiety.

  14. I wish that this level of scrutiny of seemingly positive results was applied to commercially developed drugs, rather than pushing to approve a drug that shows minimal effect.

  15. I used CBD for a while to help with my anxiety and it worked great. Also one study is not enough to determine it's efficacy in a scenario that may or may not have been anxiety inducing in it's subjects. I have anxiety but I don't have issues with public speaking.

  16. Is "industrial hemp" hard to grow? And/or, does it take an excessive amount of plant matter to get the oil? I ask because the price of stuff derived from a thing called weed (which to me implies you need to do very little work to make it grow) is super high.

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