Why Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger Hate Bitcoin

In this video, I discuss Charlie Munger’s recent comments about Bitcoin, in the context of his investments in junk food companies and big banks. Munger and …


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  2. oh no man…. buffet used to have clout also which he used to manipulate by showing people his portfolio and then they would go on to join the PUMP. so when he says "BITCOIN IS POISON" what hes actually trying to do is to try and manipulate people into selling their bitcoin so that HE AND THE GOVERNMENT CAN THEN GO ON TO BUY THAT CRYPTO FOR CHEAP. dont let them fool you.

  3. I personally think they are mad that they didn't buy them when it was cheap that they missed the boat and I think they don't understand the technology just ask them does the banks they use does any of them were involved in money laundering for drug cartels and if so were they using because or all mighty dollars I rest my case and in my book they are corrupt idiots

  4. Guys, I love ur enthusiasm and faith … 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼…. but do your research and look back at 1999/2000 and the Dotcom mania… This crypto mania is exactly the same … Keep ur powder dry for when the monster crash comes …. Crypto WILL succeed …. but not just yet … Research Apple and Amazon and how hard they got hit before going to the moon !!!. .. Buffet and Munger are just biding their time for value . It’s about timing . 😉

  5. Bitcoin is so OP that even makes capitalists like Buffet and Munger go all out communist like "bitcoin isn't backed by muh means of production". How the tables have turned.

  6. Buffet might be wrong abaout crypto but this is just ad hominem nonsense. Buffet's philosophy was simple – invest in companies with strong and stable cash flows. Eg he did not invest in Coke to poison people, he just knew people liked it and would continue to like it. Buffet does not see how bitcoin can generate cash flow. Its that simple.

  7. I'd love to see you make a video discussing Michael Burry's opinion on bitcoin regarding some of his tweets "legally violent, heartless central governments with #lifeblood interest in monopolies on currencies" won't allow bitcoin to remain decentralized.

    Burry said he does not hate bitcoin, but he sees the digital asset's "long-term future" as "tenuous." "In an inflationary crisis, governments will move to squash competitors in the currency arena. $BTC #gold," "$BTC is a speculative bubble that poses more risk than opportunity despite most of the proponents being correct in their arguments for why it is relevant at this point in history," he wrote. "If you do not know how much leverage is involved in the run-up, you may not know enough to own it.” "Fads today (#BTC, #EV, SAAS #memestocks) are like housing in 2007 and fiber/.com/comm/routers in 1999,". I think these few tweets would make for a great discussion if you are up for it. Thanks Michael, all your video's are great keep up the good work. I look forward to your new videos


  9. Bitcoin is way too hard for these old man to “understand”. They know damn well that some day in the very near future these young smart kids will take over the title. And these old man simply just don’t want to see that to go away.

  10. I'm impressed that an American actually has the balls to understand who these crooks truly are. Old, outdated, and greedy as hell

  11. I don't see what's the difference between cash and crypto on a practical level other than that cash is controlled by the establishment banks and crypto isn't. How is fiat any more "productive" than BTC?

  12. Why is there so much review of Berkshire (over 95% of the content) instead of debunking the rationale for the comments? There is no "moral high ground" for people who "invest" money. It's all about return over time. Maybe this will make somebody feel better about something.

  13. Mung, by the look of him and his age, will soon be doing his greatest service to humanity and civilization by dying. I suspect he won't care much about that civilization then and his ridiculous comments about creating financial instruments out of thin air (considering that is precisely what his billions in fiat currency are and always have been) will hopefully mark his days in eternity with the realization that those billions mean nothing where he is probably going to find himself. Sold souls are not refundable.

    As for claiming the moral high ground I think you misjudge him – he doesn't even know the meaning of the word.

  14. Thank you for confirming our suspicions. Everyone has an agenda and Munger and Buffett are no different.

    Some unimpressive comments made by Munger in the 2021 shareholder meeting that back up the points you made about their love affair with investing in banks and monopolies:

    "I do think that a properly run bank is a great contributor to civilization and that the central banks of the world like controlling their own banking system and their own money supplies."

    Disappointing remark on many levels. While borrowing money has led to the development of society in good ways (and bad), unfortunately, banks have failed to live up to this creed in every possible way.

    He also said this: "I do think banking run intelligently is a very good business. But, a very wise man said on an earlier occasion: The trouble with banking is that we have more banks than we have bankers."

    I take this to really mean that he sees less competition in the banking arena to be a desirable outcome, you know, for the advancement of civilization.

    "Question: What is the biggest competitive threat to U.S. banks like Bank of America and US Bank—both equity holdings of the Daily Journal Corporation—over the long term? Is it digital wallets like PayPal, Square, or Apple Pay? Is it Bitcoin, decentralized finance, or something else?

    Charlie Munger: Well, I don’t think I know exactly what the future of banking is and I don’t think I know how the payment system will evolve."

    It's interesting that he doesn't know what the future of banking and the payment system is, but is otherwise certain that Bitcoin isn't part of it.

    I thought they likes assets with a competitive advantage and a wide economic moat. Bitcoin seems to fits their own criteria for what makes a good "value" investment play.

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