What is a coronavirus? – Elizabeth Cox

Dig into the science of coronaviruses and find out how they cause diseases such as SARS, MERS, and COVID-19. — For almost a decade, scientists chased the …


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  2. If COVID brought you here, don't get the vaccine, the REAL chances of dying from COVID is less than 1% (Unless you have an autoimmune condition). All the vaccine (Which is actually gene-therapy and not really vaccine) seems to be doing is causing blood-clouts, nausea, headaches and in more severe cases – Strokes, Blindness, Seizures and Death.
    (Some people are also being injected in Saline Solution)

    Best treatment for COVID and the flu in general – IVERMECTIN – But they won't tell you about it because its so cheap and effective.

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  4. Ted Ed: Teachers and students did their part by staying home.

    Me: The reason why we did was because we were forced to! Try being a kid, it’s pretty frustrating!!!😑

  5. Great use and works perfectly but not all knew about it but Dr Ayomede on YouTube is the best with great roots and herbs supplement

  6. I am happy that this Ted-Ed video has informed me further about the Coronvirus. Hopefully, people will be much more careful when they are interacting with animals in the near future.

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