Top 5 Best Oil Pens & 510 Batteries 2021

TVape shows you the top 5 best oil pens and 510 batteries of 2021 and gives you our list of the top picks! FOLLOW US! Instagram: @real.tvape Facebook: …


  1. Definitely been very impressed with the Vessel Vista and the added voltage setting and cart protection. The Vista and PCKT Spark cart are a great combo together.

  2. Yeah, I have the Toqi and like it, but I rarely use wireless charging and I've found I have to use the highest setting on most of my oils. A Part of me wishes I'd bought one of those buttonless ones on your list, the slacker part whose always leaving devices on, but I have no real regret about buying the Toqi this year.

  3. Can you put the names of the products in the video description without links to them? That way at least we can get the spellings for a product when companies like to make things called "H3rb vapour torus ring induced heat aromatherapy device"

  4. I'm an old school Daft Punk fan- been listening to them from and going to their concerts before most millennials were born 🤣 I need that poster!

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