1. Excellent vid, Matty! There are only two genders. Why did the criminal liberal commies created 65-plus genders? Because the race card was no longer working and the marxist commies wanted to keep the 'victimhood' mentality going.

    I am both Christian and Asian. I am very much familiar with the concept of Yin-Yang. And I am very much familiar with the Words of God.

    Both, from a philosophical standpoint, can actually coexist beautifully.

    Freedoms and Liberty are God-Given and Natural Rights. Read the Declaration of Independence. It mentions both 'Creator' and Natural Rights.

    Everything is well balanced when we – as sovereign Individuals – embrace Natural Rights and anything that is natural.

    Many things in Humanity are imbalanced by design. The leftist marxists are the real enemies of Humanity.

    Well done!

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