San Diego and Tijuana Compared

Mr. Beat compares and contrasts two border cities that meet at the Mexico-United States border. One has a reputation for being one of the safest cities in the …


  1. I'm from Tijuana. I think I can add several other places that are worth checking out:
    – Avenida Revolución: An avenue full of nightclubs, bars, stores, hotels, restaurants and many more attractions, famous for its nightlife. During the daytime you'll see the famous zebra-donkeys. They're literally regular donkeys painted to look like zebras. You didn't visit Tijuana if you didn't see one of those.
    – Parque Morelos: A fairly big park with lots of places to have a picnic. Plus it has its own zoo. How cool is that?

    Cool video, btw! 🙂

  2. Tijuana necesita un proyecto de movilidad urbana urgentemente, metro, tren ligero o brt, pero la corrupción es más grande 😖

  3. A bit of a controversial thing to say: If only Mexico was like Canada, that eyesore of a wall wouldn't need to exist.

  4. Hi Mr. Beat, Great Video, i really liked this Video, it was like cool that you talked about my Country, you should compare Mexico City and Washington D.C, both are super exciting cities, really good job!

  5. people don't come in "amounts," but in "numbers." the difference between much and many. get it, mr. beat? it takes a large NUMBER of cans of tuna to make a large enough AMOUNT of tuna sqalad for the whole school. get it?

  6. You should have mentioned that "Caesar's Salad" originated at the Tijuana restaurant of that name, and the Margarita cocktail (Spanish for "Daisy") probably began in TJ too. Sinaloa, on the Pacific Coast, is famous for Tequila.

    Also, San Diego is much more famous for burritos than tacos. The California Burrito, which features French fried potatoes, originated in the San Ysidro part of San Diego.

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