How To Make Solventless Diamonds & Sauce Using Dialed Jartech With Dialed In Terpenes

Scotty Real Is Hanging Out And Learning How To Make High Quality SOLVENTLESS Diamonds & Sauce From Dialed In Terpenes & Showing In Studio How …


  1. damn this shoulda been like 2 hrs long…we didnt even get a comprehensive look at how he actually makes the shit, just little snippets cuz scotty was too lit haha

  2. Holy shit! Jason!! My dood!! I hVent seen you in years and now here I am still learning something from ya!!! So much love brotha! – max from Michigan / NWSS 2012 ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. Sorry, but the guest is dumb. A six star hash is still gonna leave residue at the bottom of a banger because trich heads still have plant material.

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