How To Be His Dream Girl ft. Harry Jowsey | Wild 'Til 9 Episode 38

Hailing from Australia and Netflix’s “Too Hot To Handle,” Harry Jowsey is a self proclaimed “lovable idiot” and joins Lauren and Jeremy for a wild hour-long ride.


  1. Okay I genuinely love you guys but I’m sort of disappointed you left in the ‘I was woken up with head’ story…that is genuinely sexual assault. Imagine if a woman told that same story, it wouldn’t be laughed about. I know it was funny to Harry but it is lowkey normalising sexual assault. Please just consider things like this in the future guys 💕

  2. It was so funny to me how at the begining he looks so big and is presented as a fuckboy yet everytime he laughs he's like "hehehehe 🤭"

  3. It was a great episode!! Never heard of this guy but he seems cool. However, towards the end when he was talking about a threesome with his best friend…. he said it's like 2 lions on a carcass…kind of made me sad bc women are not just a piece of meat!!! (I'd recommend looking at Carol Adams's "The Sexual Politics of Meat" for more information.)

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  5. I used to be a lowkey hater of harry cause of the whole francesca situation but after seeing this i realize he's a pretty decent guy and actually mature for his age

  6. I love this episode! I watched Harry on THTH and I didn’t catch up with what he did after but he is so down to earth and I love how he’s grown as a person!!

  7. I peeped the Manny Collab on the stories!! Pls put that as soon as possible!! Guyssssssssss!!!!!!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

  8. the farm story in the beginning was such a cute way to start 🥺also, really appreciated how down to earth harry got, definitely seeing him in a new light now!!

  9. PLEASE get gotta get it on here. Like a collab. Like I can imagine it. Fousey would be like into it and would just be natural considering Lauren and him are good friends. JP would be just be chillin. And Aaron, oh my god Aaron would just be like a lost puppy in here. Or I'll see a new side of Aaron and hell be like sharing his sex stories and kinks and stuff. It. Is. Gonna. Be. Hilarious.

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