Drugs and my weed addiction

Thank you for tuning in to episode 2, if you haven’t checked out episode 1 please do as it’s a great intro about myself. Episode 2 is about me not wanting to feel …

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  1. Good advice on seeking help for issues relating to addiction. As Black people we tend to not seek help through pride. I have seen two of my childhood friends go through the maze of institutionalisation, medication, care in community, relapse, rinse repeat. One is OK and settled with his Fiancé. The other sadly never recovered, his problems started when he took some skunk cut with a unknown filler. Never was the same again…but I digress.

    I was not surprised to hear the link you drew between the pill and depression in some Women. Having worked at Pfizer I know a fair bit about the side effects of medications. Big Pharma does not cure diseases, it globally sells us treatments for diseases. Then they get the Medical profession to push them to us wholesale! Just look at the Opioid crisis. I’d argue that Big Pharma is more dangerous than any street pusher or any illegal drug cartel. But thats a whole other conversation…

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