Colombia’s Deadly Fight for Justice

This past week, violent protests erupting across Colombia have drawn international criticism after police fired on protestors in Cali and other cities, resulting in …


  1. Que lastima que los ideales de los gringos izquierdistas estan infiltrando Colombia. Solo miren a sus vecinos. Inviten a Maduro para que sea su lider.

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  3. Thanks Vice. 20 minutes of not telling anyone why they'er protesting. Is it because you don't like why they're protesting? Does it go against your biases? God help media today.

  4. Hard for me to understand. Seems like for decades farc and the people who lived in the countryside have been fighting for the same reason but the people who lived in the city were mostly against farc and pro government. Is it only true if you are the one being oppressed? Is the shoe on the other foot?

  5. The government will always say that they respect our right to protest peacefully but that's a lie, please help us, I have been profiled by the police because I was dancing next to a building where they publish a magazine that is friends with the government. So basically any artistic expression, any protest, and any type of insurrection will be met with violence, we have more proof on facebook groups, you just type "abusos policiales en colombia paro" and you will find lots of colombian cops shooting to protesters, we all walk unarmed and the government will always use the false logic of, "We had to shoot cause there is violent people", and they never caught the violent people. Thank you for the report, it is an anxiety relief.

  6. this is the sad reality of my beautiful Colombia we have a bunch of lazy youth that want freebies in life and not willing to work hard and educate themselves they are willing to lean hard left and don't even realize the harshness of communisms even with Venezuela in our face they rather protest then work and build a future

  7. There's nothing like a Vice video (color revolution propaganda/research the term) . To remind me of George Soros hold, on the currencies of many Nations and the media . The silent majority = patriots.

  8. This is why the 2nd Amendment is soo important in the United States. Without it the U.S.A. would become total socialist/dictatorship. I hope more Americans watch this and open their eyes to what is going on.

  9. Though the video is re-uploaded, the situation is the same, even much worse. Lucas Villa died as Dilan Cruz, these people are part of the more than 20 deaths from ESMAD attacks beside hundreds of wounded. The president and his "allies" only think repression and death, they have never had interest in society, only want to benefit a reduced group of politicians and their campaign supporter economic groups.

  10. #SOSCali #Police #Brutality The ideals of the protests in Cali and in the country must be put back on track. The government manipulates to divert the true point of the popular mobilizations and demonstrations. The indigenous, peasants, seek a solution to the Colombian problem by sacrificing the lives of many of its members for the collective ideal of peace. A Colombian peace that has been smashed by the paramilitary boot and killed by the bullets sent from the narcopolitics.

  11. This is a socialist uprising in Colombia. How is socialism going to help? Socialism leads to violence and the outcome is poverty for everyone except the people in power. Very sad. The young people are greedy and want what they haven't earned and the politicians haven't allowed for free market enterprises that lift people out of poverty through hard work.

  12. When Injustice become laws, we need to fight back. 💪💪Stay strong Colombia 🇨🇴💪💪 Keep fighting. We Myanmar 🇲🇲 people support and stand with you.

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