1. Microdosing lsd is not to cause a psychedelic experience. It is a great treatment for mental health illnesses and there is bona-fide research to support this.

  2. Pathetic
    I'm a 4 star Hotel Manager for almost 20years…
    I been micro dosing mushrooms for decades to help my ptsd. I smoke cannabis many times a day, even at work
    No complaints yet

  3. the reason people get their panties in a twist or stock price drops is because some americans have bought into Nixon/Reagan's "war on Drugs" and they actually believe the tripe about babysitters on acid cooking the babies or that marijuana is a drug that turns americans black and gay.

  4. LSD was great experimenting with when I was young had some very positive experiences on it. It was heroin that really dragged me under. People don't wake up needing a LSD fix. They do not commit crimes to feed a LSD habit. Some very creative thinking comes from tripping on acid.

  5. Wow, you guys are so wrong here Cenk, do you let employees come in on their anti-depressants, or anti-anxiety meds? Microdosing LSD or “shrooms” is a safer alternative with less side effects. Someone taking “legal and prescribed” Xanax is more impaired than any of these guys microdosing

  6. Ana: 2 Million dollar company
    Cenk: No 2 Billion, they did a mistake.

    Ana did the same mistake, guys you gotta look your shit up before you publish your video.
    Or rather cross check the data before even starting to record.
    This happens alot of TyT, sometimes by Cenk and sometimes by Ana.

  7. Zhu microdoses LSD, and he gets fired. Trump does coke all day, and gets elected. I wonder what the difference is. [looks up a photo of Zhu.] This does not surprise me.

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