Canna Care Docs – Documentary

Medical marijuana is used daily by an increasing number of people to help manage the symptoms of medical issues like PTSD and pain & nausea. Take a look …


  1. nooooice this is 2Legit this doc has a heart awetothefuckingsome this needs more attention and justice thank u for all u do cann care keep it up nothing but love and care from this end

  2. What I ment to say Is that cannabis will make things better for people with all kinds of problems. The wall that we face is the pharmaceutical companies and the government

  3. This vid made me very emotional because I have a lot of buddies with PTSD and their suffering they have lost their families foster children and one thing that can make cohesion possible is Canada's thank you very much for this video

  4. Pretty pathetic that here in Colorado having PTSD will not get you a medical card. But having "back pain" no problem. At least Mass knows what's up, props to you guys!

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